Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good (early) Morning

Good Morning. I've already sorted the laundry and am now waiting for some daylight before going over to start it up. Don't want to wake the neighbors next to it, if I can help it.
The dog have had their first early morning walk of the day. I need to get a bit of things done before it gets hot today. Our expected high is near 90F. Last Weekend, Jerry found a Guitar at a yard sale. We went back and picked it up for $3.00 The strings were not in good shape at all. Jerry took it to a shop in Clarksville and for less than $25, had new strings put on it, and tuned up. He sat on his bed and strummed on it a bit and it sounds good. It's a Sony, at least that's what I thought he said it was. Was kinda hoping it was a Gibson but it's not. Oh. did I mention it's in a case? The man just wanted to not have to take it back home, I think. He sold a drum set for $100. The brass Cymbals alone were worth that. The rest of the drum set about $50 to $80. so who ever got it, got a bargain.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon, cutting out paper dolls with my Cricut. I want to take it with us to visit Heather but not sure how many of the cartage's I want to take with me. Of course I want to take them all, but that's not reasonable. I know the paper doll one, and a paper lace one, and one that has a card template in it. and.... and... well, maybe I will take them all with us anyway.

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Caroline said...

Hi Billie... love your posts and following your life. Any photos of your cricut? and the paper dolls etc?