Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mid Week

Mid Week
As soon as Jerry left for work this morning, I went back to bed. Was back up before 8am.  I had to "hurry" and get a few things done quickly.
Dressed, Took the dogs out for their first daylight walk. They were out at 4 am, just before Jerry left for work
Then I had to bag up the trash and put it out by the edge of the road
While the trash can was empty, I filled it with water and took out our fold up chair, so I could sit and water my plants. I have three planters and seed in each but so far no sprouts yet. I filled each container with lots of water.
Yesterday, As I was sitting out under the canopy for a bit, I recalled I had put a box of baking soda by the door just for if I did this... the camper in front of us, has standing water around the end of the sewer line and their incomeing water line.  It stinks.  The warmer it gets the worse it stinks.  I sprinkled the whole box of baking soda in the water and on the weeds around it. Well, the man from the last camper on our row, works off some of his rent by weedeating around the camper for Momma D. He was working around that one, just as Jerry and I sat down for dinner.  I went out to tell him what that was. and then moved our chairs out from under the canopy and move a few other items so he could get under and around our camper.  He "moved" and "Put back" my flower containers in front. (Huge Sigh)  I had them just where I wanted them He did a good job weed-eatting, but not so good putting things back excatly where I had them. I had to turn my Elephant Ear container 1/4 turn. And I'm not sure he didn't drop the planter the catnip seeds are in.  I could barely see after walking the dogs, but did notice that my sage was looking very sad, so I put the dogs in the house, didn't remove their leads since Jerry was inside, and took the sage around to the water spigot and gave it a drink last night.  I took extra time this morning, making sure all the tubs had plenty of water.  If I don't see any growth by this weekend, I'll try to find Rosemary and Tarragon and Catnip to go into those containers. That way if it's just very slow germanation, I'll still have the same thing in each one.
Funny. Yesterday afternoon, I took Barney out by himself, to play and get rid of extra energy that's pent up in him.  I got "warm" so I decided to go stand in the shade.. walking right past our water spigot, I turned it on enough it would "mist" and Barney had a great time getting soaked in the mist. Ge t I had to stop the water when he started trying to dig in the mud.totaly forgot about his toy he was playing with.  I think we will do that again this afternoon, only this time, I'll take a dishpan (I have extra's) and put it under the water cause Barney loves to play in the water.
I'm fixing sandwiches tonight.. our high is to be close to 90F and that's just too hot to try to cook inside the camper. We have plenty of sandwich meat. I'll cut up a tomato for each sandwich, as well as have salad and chips. I have Jell-o Already made since we ate Watermelon for dessert last night.

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