Tuesday, May 1, 2012

While I was not blogging

Lets see... Going back to before Easter. My Grand daughter sent me a Flat Stanley. We took him just about every where around here on Sunday's. Hubby's day off. We had lots of fun finding places to take pictures. We went to Dickson TN for one day, All around Clarksville the next weekend. I put together a photo album with his pictures and notes of what we did, where we went and even included a game from our local cafe. One of our cats died. Smokey Died. He was fine the night before, but when we got up on Monday Morning he wasn't looking too good. Jerry was also sick and he had to get a doctors excuse so he can still get the end of job bonus. (He really was sick) When we got back home, Smokey was gone. We took his body to the woods, and pray that his spirit has plenty of space to roam now. Easter, Hubby had 4 days off. We stayed "home" and just hung out with each other. Easter Dinner was around in front of the Office here, with others who didn't go anywhere. Burgers, hotdogs, potato salad and chips. Easter Evening, I was checking my emails from the day, and found out my Best Friend in Missouri had Died that morning. That put me in a deep funk. I knew she was not feeling well all winter, but I didn't expect that. It just put me in a tailspin for a while. Been trying to get my Craft Mojo back, as well. I've picked up some white men's t-shirts and have been adding color to a few of them. I like the apray fabric paint I found at Walmart but want to do than just splatter colors all over a shirt. Found some color pens and did some dots on a shirt. Not enough dots to do what I wanted and once I wash it (tomorrow or Thursday) I'll be adding more dots to it. Did up a cute shirt for my Grand son. Don't tell him it's "Cute", boys don't do "Cute", ya know. Jerry said I could get a Cricut and I've been picking a A cartrage or two a week, Plus paper packs. I'm working on making Mother's day Cards for both my girls. Still got a ways to go, but they are starting to come around to what I want them to look like. Hubby now has two day weekends !!! Yea!!!! but that means less time to be on-line and setting up my crafts newsletter so have to sorta scramble during the week to be sure I have plenty to put in each one. Love my crafts newsletter. If we were ever to win the Lottery, I would have to build a house just for all the crafts I want to do. Each room would have to be for a diffent type of craft.

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