Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saterday Afternoon

Hello.  Been a day and it's not over yet.
Started off waking up at 6:30.  Took the dogs out for first mornings walk. Delayed going inside since Jerry was still asleep when we went out. When I heard him stirring, We went back in.  Took care of checking my blood Sugar, taking my Insulin and putting my vitamins in a small tin to take with me to the cafe.  I had the Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns and Biscuits and Gravy. The bacon was late and cold. I don't care, I ate it anyway. Jerry had the same thing.  Oh wait. We stopped at two yard sales on the way there. Found a couple of things at the first. A base for my birdbath. A pan that will fit in my roaster oven and some plastic cups that are Red, White and Blue.  The next one, I found nothing we wanted. Passed one on our way to breakfast and came back to it. Found an apple pie for Jerry. The next one was jackpot. I found several outfits for Baby Heather, and a dog toy for the dogs. Next one was also good, for me.  I found 12 Christian Rock CD's.  and one Casting Crowns DVD.  Thought I had fond Jerry a new radio control car but he said the battries have been left inside and had blown up inside. ruining the contacts. 
Oh.  yeah, before we left the house we had put the kennels on Jerry's bed and the dogs in them so they were right across from the air conditioner.  We bought the largest Air we could find at Walmart cause the little one just isn't doing it. I found a black T-shirt for Jerry. It has a motorcycle on in it. decked out in red white and blue. I wanted to get him another shirt but there wasn't one in his size.
Picked up the dog food we need for the week, as well.
Stopped at yet one more yard sale on our way home, and picked up a small Guitar for 3 dollars in a case. It needs three strings but for $3. strings are the least of my worries. Either I will learn to play or I'll give it to the Grand kids when they visit.

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