Monday, May 21, 2012

Good (early) Morning

I hope you have slept well. me, I was up at 2 am. The air conditioner is over my bed, and it has a light on the plug and one that tells us how cool the room is. That one reflects off the over-head storage and I think there is just enough to keep me awake. I'm thinking of making an eye mask today and see if that helps me sleep any better.
I know I'll end up taking an afternoon nap on the couch. I don't know why the brighter sunlight doesn't keep me awake as much as a little bit of light at night does.
I sure could tell a big difference between the smaller air and this newer one. It still get a bit warm in here, but it's not sweltering.
Jerry did take a two hour nap yesterday. Good thing, since he watched tv to 10pm last night. (last of Ax Men) There is something he wants to watch tonight, I think so I'll miss DWTS. That's ok, cause I don't know any of these last people so I'm not attached to any of them.
I paid for 1/2 our rent, We are not the only one's paying early. (she's learning to accept that some of us "Want" to pay early)
I'll get her the rest of our rent and the wifi on Friday. She needs the money now to fix a septic tank problem. I'm paying early in hopes that it can be fixed so and I don't have to smell it. It's not that far from our camper. just down the hill and west.
Prayers are needed. Heather quit her job. I don't blame her but it is going to be a burden on them until she finds another job. I would not have put up with what she did for as long as she did without speaking up. The Manager was on her case all week long over little stuff. But when Heather called in, asking her to find someone to take her shift the Manger didn't even find out why Heather needed her shift change. Told her she "Would" be in and then hung up on Heather. That was it. That was just plain rude. Heather doesn't just ask for a change in her shift without good reason. She didn't show up for that shift or the next one either. The lady has just been rude to her all week long and Heather had enough of it.
We still don't know what's going on with Mary, Jerry's twin sister. She was to have a cat scan but she got claustrophobic and couldn't handle going into it. She's going to find out where another one can be done at, something this week.
Well, here it is, just past 5:30 and I've already gotten the bathroom taken care of, The cat box taken care of. Laundry baskets sorted out and the last load of laundry finally folded and put away. Once I send this, I'm going to go make the beds and start the dishes. I hope to have most all the cleaning done before it starts to get hot outside.

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