Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Morning

Well. I went back to bed after Jerry left for work and I had read a few emails. I was back awake by 7:30 though. I got my meds takend, breakfast and dressed before taking the dogs out. I had made up sugar water for the hummingbird feeder before we went out.  I let Macon and Barney run (dragging their leads behind them) for about 20 minutes. No one else was out so they did very well. Once they got most of that energy out, I put them on leads and watered my garden.  Why not let Rocky "run"?  Because he didn't want to. He sorta of snarrled at Barney when Barney tackled him and Barney left him alone after that. I guess Rocky reall meant Busness and Barney understood that. Rocky did play a little near the end of "Run Amok" but not like the other two were running. Once they all setteled down, I put 2 quarts of water in all the kitty litter container plants and well watered the two in the smaller pots and put a little water in the bird bath I made. (still need to take a picture of that). The dogs were content to sit in the shade while i watered the plants. I got the sugar water from inside (I put it in the freezer to cool off some) and filled the feeder, then sat in a chair under the awing. About 5 minutes later I was untangling Barney from Macon's line.  about 5 mintues after that, I had to untangle again. After the third time, it was time to bring the dogs in. Barney still wanted to play but Macon has had enough. I did see one hummingbird come to the feeder before we came back inside.
Aahhh... last night, I had just put the potatoes in the roasting oven when Jerry came home. I had figured he wasn't going to get a rain out around 4 pm when he wasn't home by then and I had heard thunder around 3pm.  He was home abour 5pm.. He did get rained out, but had remembered me asking him to make a stop on his way home.  He dropped of the $3.00 Gituar we had picked up for new strings. New strings. them put on and then tuned will cost just around $50. Not bad at all. I just may learn how to play one, now. If not me, then maybe one of the Grandkids will want to learn. It's a smaller one just suited for a smaller person.
Oh yeah. Before Jerry left for work this morning I noticed the livingroom fan making noise. So I stopped it, took off the front, cleaned the dog hair out of it (shedding season) tighted the nut over the blade and put it back together. I had planned on doing that later this morning but the noise Meant it had to be done sooner or the nut would come off and the blade would fall off.
Thinking of fixing ham slices for dinner. I baked potatoes instead of having rice with the chicken last night so I may fix rice tonight.  It's that or Mac and Cheese  (Jerry loves Mac and Cheese).  Well. I have done the dishes but still need to make the beds. Back in a bit to let you know what al else I've done.

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