Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tuesday Morning
We woke up to a Thunderstorm.  While I was making Jerry's breakfast, Rocky yelped and looked like he was limping. I checked him out and he's ok. I think he stepped on something. He loved the attention though. After I finally got Jerry's breakfast finished, I took the dogs out, The lighting was past but we could still hear the thunder. Macon did not want to go out. Rocky was ok with going out because it wasn't raining yet.  Barney, well he's Barney.  Wanted to run all over the place and got tangled up three times in just the few minutes, I gave up trying to untangle the leads and brought the dogs back in. I let Barney off last and he headed to the bathroom, jumped on the coutner and tried to get to the catfood. To say the least, he got in trouble quickly and is now back in his kennel. Looks like he's going to forever be on a short line in the living room when he's not in his kennel in the house.
Just called in the cats, two came in. Then I  made the beds and put water down for the pets. Turned off the air, Need to go turn on the  hot water tank. back in a minute (cue the humming)
There, the tank is turned on. I can do the dishes here in a bit, and take a shower before I have to turn on the air this afternoon. Our high is expected to be in the lower 80's today. If we keep the cloud cover, I may not even need to turn on the air.  At least I don't have to water my flowers today. We just had a nice rain shower right after I got back in with the dogs.
Jerry brought me "my" rain coat from the van. It was out there because a couple of weeks ago, it was raining when he left here and his was in his gang box at work.  His raincoat is now in the van, at least it is until he gets to work. He may end up "borrowing" mine again before the end of this week. 
We really do need the rain. It's been dry and dusty around here the last few days.
I'm surprised that I have internet this morning. Usuall when we have a storm I can't get on-line for hours.
Today's dinner will be Chicken Parma over Spegettie noodles.  Salad and watermellon for dessert. I took the chicken out of the freezer last night.
Right now, I'm downloading all of Aprils email to my computer. I'll sort through it all later. I'll have to start a new file for May's email later today, I'm sure.
Did you hear any Humming?  I had to get up and run the dish water, pick up in the bathroom, put more water down for the pets, Love on the dogs a minute.  And I set some dried Fruit to soak in some Orange Juice for when I make my breakfast in a couple of hours.
The local news is about the flooding of a couple of years ago in Nashville.  May Day and an all day Rally in one of the parks, with the Occupy movements invited to come out, as well. 
I just finished up taking a shower. Brushed my hair while it's still wet. Maybe it will "stay put" for a while. (yeah, right)
Still downloading emails from April.
Need to work on today's crafts newsletter.
Breakfast is made, ready to eat and I have just taken my meds for this morning.
I've now turned off my alarm, twice. Hopefull this time I got it "right".
AS it gets lighter and lighter out, the birds get noisier and noisier and the cats start going from door to window, looking for them.
I'm slowing down already.
Well. that was intresting.  I took the dogs for the morning walk and all three cats went all the way around with us. When we stopped the cats stopped. Only once did they really get distracted and headed off on their own until I called them back. They were headed into the woods and I think it was either a bird of squirl that distracted them. Tupelo went over toward Chris and Raven's tent, but she came back when she noticed their dog was outside and very intrested in meeting her. Tupelo was not going to get that close to her.
Rocky's leg is still a bit sore, he limped a little. At first I thought we were not going to be able to take our walk, but he didn't seem to be in any pain and was pulling very hard on the line that I figured if he was hurting he wouldn't be pulling that hard.
Well.  I have sent out my Crafts Newsletter and found enough to have one ready to send out tomorrow, as well.   It's about time to take the dogs out, again.  It's cloudy out so maybe it's not as hot out as it looks.
I watched my Soap.
ended up taking an hour nap.
  Cut out a couple of elements for a card I am putting together, had to trim out one by hand. but I'm happy with what I got..
Took the dogs for a walk
started dinner.
fed the cats
put food down for the dogs.

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