Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jan 11, 2012

Good Afternoon. After Jerry left for work and I had walked the dogs, I went back to bed until 8 am.  No dancing or singing this time, though.  It's a dark foggy morning, rainy afternoon day.  I've taken the dogs out twice and need to go again,, back in a few....
Back.. he just wanted to pee a little. He's been acting a bit "off" all day. wanting to stay under my feet, close to me. Wants to be cuddled more. Rocky rarely wants to be cuddled. Maybe one reason he wanted out is because it's getting so dark out and he hates walking in the rain. Mike (Owner of the R.V park) came driving around the road. He was flying and he didn't stop. Not sure what's up with that. The trash hasn't been picked up yet. I'm tossing a broken tub as well as two bags of trash, one a dog food bag of trash. At least it will be easy to pick up as it's all in the tub.
We went from Fog to just gray.  I could make a loaf of bread when I have it cleaned off. Jerry likes (make that LOVES) fresh bread. I'll use the basic recipe but add in a couple of tablespoons of Milled Flax seed to see if he notices or not. The more I hear about Flax the more I want to add to our diet.
My lunch was Kitchen soup. I made a crockpot of it yesterday. then divided it between three containers. I took a three cup container of the soup and put it in a pot, then added a contanier of water to it. Three Tablespoons of milled flax and two tablespoons of wild (black) rice since I forgot I wanted to add it yesterday when I made up the soup.
As I've written before, Dinner is going to be backed Chicken tenders, coated with cracker crumbs,rice, salad,  and the cake for dessert. I don't usually frost an every day cake and this is an every day cake.  When I mentioned it yesterday Jerry said Yum.. so I know it's something he wants.
I am hearing...  Dr Oz is on right now.
I am wearing... Brown Sweat pants, My Winnie the pooh shirt under a light blue sweat shirt. I just havn't taken the sweat shirt off from taking the dogs out, yet. it's warm enough out that I can be comfortable in just the sweat shirt but I expect I'll want a coat over it tomorrow morning when I take the dogs out.
I am reading...  "Absolutely Organize Your Family" on my Kindle. Read Gen 6, From my Holy Bible. I just can't imange 150 days in the ark with all those animals.. Not only the animals but the seeds for all the fruits and grains and vegetables we eat were on that ark.
I am thinking... I have no idea what I'll be making for our dinner tomorrow night. I have a slice of Ham in the freezer. I really need to take another walk, without the dogs, before it gets to dark and nasty out.
I am thankful for... Jerry taking care of me. He is ok that I don't work outside the home. He understands that I need and want to lose weight. He's not much help with it, but he understands.
I am hoping... That Jerry has Sunday off, this week. I need to go to walmart, any one of them, for a few things on my list. 
I am creating... I havn't worked on any thing yet today. Just doing some more cleaning.
One of my favorite things...  Is letting Barney off his lead and letting him run.. and run.. and run... and then he comes and trys to get Macon to run with him. I let them both run, on their dropped leads, this afternoon. Rocky was not intresed in running at all. I could tell when Macon had enough and had to tell Barney to stop.

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jana said...

I was wondering if you have tried the sugar free cakes yet? I did last week and have to tell ya, they are great! Can't tell that they're sugar free at all. The carbs are very low to. I know you are diabetic like me, so if you have'nt be brave and try them, lol..jana