Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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I'll admit that it's been a few years since we tried any sugar free cakes. they didn't taste all that good back then. I'll have to try another one soon.  I did try a Sugar free brownie before Christmas and Jerry was ok with it.
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I was wondering if you have tried the sugar free cakes yet? I did last week and have to tell ya, they are great! Can't tell that they're sugar free at all. The carbs are very low to. I know you are diabetic like me, so if you have'nt be brave and try them, lol..jana

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Swanny said...

Billie - you might want to experiment with stevia. It's a plant based sugar-free sweetener that is many times sweeter tasting than sugar, but without the heavy simple carbohydrate load.

I know it works - I lost over 100 lb. last year.

jana said...

I used Pillsbury's yellow and the chocolate and the brownie mix. Made carrot cake with the yellow one. My grandson loved it and took some home for lunch the next day and he is'nt diabetic.My daughter is going to buy them now to. They made a big hit around my house. lol