Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5 2012

  I was up before the alarm this morning. I thought Barney had gotten out of his kennel and was in the bed with me. No, it was Macon, trying to wake me up so he could go outside.  Which I took care of, taking all three dogs out about 1/2 an hour before the alarm was suppose to go off.  By the time we got back inside there was no use in going back to bed.
I made Jerry's breakfast at the usual time and he got out of here a bit later than usual. The van was frosted over.
I had to wash out the  cats kennel, one of them couldn't wait until Jerry left for work and made a mess in it. Ugh.  but that  was cleaned up and taken care of before I headed back to bed.
When I got up again, I had to take the dogs out, of course. While we were out, I decided we should go ahead and walk the lower circle. That took a bit longer than usual since I had them sit ever time they started to pull on me. It took a bit,but Macon and Barney figured out why they were being told to sit all the time.

Outside my door ... We have Sun.. lots of Sun. that is helping to warm up the camper nicely. Our high is to be in the mid to upper 50's.  I doubt I'll even need a sweat shirt to walk the dogs this afternoon.

The Dogs ... Are doing well. Barney is still very slow in learning. We have gone back to learning his Name, and to come when it's called, the first time.  Working on that with the other two as well. They do have Sit down well and Stay is better than it was a few weeks ago. Don't Pull... now that is another one we are working on. I have special collars for those walks I "Know" they will try to pull, but I sure hate to use them and remove them as soon as we are back in the camper. I do know that we are more apt to meet someone else walking in the afternoon than in the morning so I only use those collars in the afternoon.
Oh, Got to tell you what the dog saw yesterday.. At the end of the row we are parked on, is a couple who enjoy hunting. They have been out almost each evening, at least for a few minutes, shooting at a plastic deer target. Well, while we were walking down that way yesterday afternoon.. the dogs spotted the target. It's almost life like. Of course Macon Barked. Rocky stared at it.. smelling the air. and Barney just got excited and was bouncing and bounding all around me (on a lead line).  Well. because they were so corouse about it, I took them over to see it better. Of course the first place they each sniffed was the back side. Rocky was like... oh, it's plastic. ok, time to go.. Macon decided it needed to be barked at. and that set Barney off. Barney attached Macon for barking then started barking himself. not loud barks, more of a warning bark.  But it was so funny watching them trying to figure out if that thing was live or not.
The Cats ...  Are also doing well.  they've had their rumble in the house this morning. And yes, they got in some trouble while I was sleeping. I really didn't want to have to put them back into a damp kennel. the bread wrapper has a few holes in it, but I don't see where they accually tried to eat the bread's heal where the hole is.  Good thing there are only a few more slices left in the loaf.
From the kitchen... Pork chops, rice, Butter Peas, Salad
I am hearing... The Morning News is on.. Talking about who is running and who is behind in the poles in New Hampshire.
I am wearing... Dark Blue Sweat Pants and a white Tshirt. I have a light blue sweat shirt out, if I get cool I can put it on.
I am reading...  Just read a Chapter in the Bible, Will read a bit of "Apron Strings by Eleanor Gates later this morning.
I am thinking... I really do need to walk more.  More often and futher each day.
I am thankful for...  No ice or snow here (yet)  I can still get out and walk like I should.
I am hoping...  That We can get a lot done this Sunday. Jerry's only day off this week.  He was told that the job will be on 6 10's for the next 4 to 6 weeks.
I am creating... I really do need to set up a time to work on crafts each day.  I have so many things to work on, but I foget by afternoon that I want to work on anything, and then usually fall asleep on the couch.
One of my favorite things... Even though it's Cold, walking first thing in the morning. When the Fog is still in the trees and the birds are waking up and singing. When there is color in the sky but the sun ins't up just yet.. soon but not yet.. then the colors change, and it gets brighter and then, that first glimmer of True Light.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I'll have to sort the laundry tomorrow morning. Then put it in the van after Jerry gets home from work. I really do need to start working on the aprons I want to make for Heather and Bailey.

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