Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year. our day

Jerry and I ate breakfast in Clarksville, after checking out  different rout to his job. The new route is a bust as it add almost 10 miles but only saves about 5 minutes. But on the way back home, we took a different route than he usually takes to go home, and discovered that College street is now opened up. That will save him a bit of time and lots of traffic lights.
 We did some shopping at Walmart, picking up a couple of things. I forgot to take my list with me, but over all, I picked up the things I "Knew" we needed the most.
We had to stop at Home Depot but they didn't have what we were needing so we ended up at Lowe's for the insulated board and the metal tape to make a hot box for around the propane tank and regulator.
 Jerry made the box in the afternoon. We were also looking for a dash mount for his new GPS but never found one. I've got to find my hook and loop (Velcro) so he can mount it to the hooks that are already on the dash of the van.

I read a bit out of three of the books I have on my Kindle.
Outside my door ... It was  sunny but windy and as the day got older it got a bit colder. When Jerry made the hot box. he cut it outside but had to bring the pieces into the house to tape it because they were trying to blow away.

From the kitchen...  I heated up a medium sized ham steak in the skillet and cut it in half so we got 1/2 a ham steak. I fried up some diced potatoes (Mr Dell's) and opened a can of peas to heat, in one of my new pans that we picked on on Saturday at a Liquidation store. I cut us each three slices off of a cucumber and sliced up a tomato to go on the plates as well. Later we had graham crackers and hot chocolate for a sweet.

I am thankful for... Starting off the New Year with Jerry by my side. We were on the couch when the fire works started to go off, thanks to Momma D's son and his friend. The cats went wild, and we had a time of it getting them to not jump on us, then using us for a launching pad to run to the back of the camper, only to run back and try it again. Their eyes were so large...
I am creating... I picked up a pattern and muslin to make Heather a couple of aprons. I think I have enough that I can make three matching aprons for her home. One for her, one for a visitor (Me) and one for Bailey.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Well, this week, I have to take down all the Christmas things I have up and find a good place to store them for another year. I will have to remove the battries from the tree and the Santa Bikers I have up. It will look so bare in here, when I put that all away for another year. I may try to find something to put up so that it's not so barren looking.

We have to do laundry. almost every blanket we have needs to be washed, now. Either one of the cats or Barney peed on my bed last night and got two of my blankets. Ugh.  Barney did come lean on Jerry trying to get his attention but Jerry didn't take the hint, and I was too lazy to think to get up and take them out at the time.
Billie C.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850

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