Monday, January 16, 2012

For Today... Jan 16

For Today... Jan 16
Martin Luther King Day, no Mail delivey today.
Good Morning...  We got a lot done in a short amount of time.  Jerry agreed to replace my kindle with another one. I can still use the one as storage, but I can't read from it. (Barney is in deep trouble, still) So, Saturday, we went to Dickson to pick up another Kindle.  While there I dod most of the shopping needed for the week. As we were leaving I spotted a matress store and we "NEED" New ones. The foam pads we have been sleeping on,, stink! We were only going to ask about prices.  Well. she has two, twin one, not matching for sale for $149 each.. And she got's waterproof covers for them (I forgot how much they cost) All in all we spent just under $400 tax and all.  So Saturday night, we are taking foam pads out and bringing in new mattresses.. and they are a bit wider than the pads, We can live with that, though. Makes the walking way a bit narrower but, we can still get to our drawers for our clothes.
Sunday morning. Up by 7am (that's sleeping in, for us) Moving things around out in the van a bit so we can take the dogs with us. I put my Elephant Ear under the sink, out of cat sight, walk the dogs and then put them in the van. we go to Clarksville for breakfast. Oh wait, don't forget the propane tank, reason we are going in the first place is to fill it. (duh)  Ah. The U-Haul on Wilma Rudolf is Open on Sunday and they do refill tanks. check off another item on the "to do' list. We eat at Golden Corral. Stop in at Books a Million so I can get the Kindle regestered. Looked for "The Backwoodsman" A Magzine I enjoy reading.. oh no... they don't have any more. The man behind the counter recalled seeing at least one on the shelf two night before. (sigh) But I found a different one to read.. "Early American Life". Hey.. it's got lots of home decorating ideas in it, if your into that. Or Restoration of very old homes.  It has an artical about stone "books" that I've found intresting. By the time we were leaving Books a Million, Jerry was not feeling so good. (again this week?)  Hum.. Next week end.. if we eat breakfast out, it's going to be some place that cooks the eggs and sausage when its orders and not off a buffet. The longer we were out, the worse Jerry felt. Although there was still some things I wanted to pick up, it can wait until another day. We got home, Jerry took some Day quill type meds and went to sleep... for 4 hours. While he was asleep, I made a Valintines card for him, sifted the cat litter out of a tub that we had in the back of the van from when we visited Heather. (it's good stuff and didn't smell all that much) took care of baging that up for the trash today. started to download a couple of books for my New Kindle and lost the internet. (Oh drat's, again ?!?) Didn't get internet back until around 10 pm.  I picked up the book that I was down-loading when the internet was lost, and a couple of other books as well.
Dinner was soup and sandwiches..
(5:30 p,m)  Whew.. I'm tired.  I've got most of the camper done. I have to cook dinner yet. I didn't start the rolls, so we will not be having rolls tonight. I'll still make burger patties, just have to use regular bread is all. Think I'll change from baked fries to mashed potatles, easier to do those, as well.  I did take a short nap this afternoon. Didn't mean to fall asleep, I just did.
Outside my door ... ( 5:30) Still dark. I felt some drizzle when I took the dogs out, while Jerry was eating his breakfast. We will have a slight chance of rain all day with the chances getting higher later in the day.
It's been grey and dreary all day long. Just on the verge of rain but not accually raining. Such a hard way to get motvated to get up and get things done.  I did get rid of those two foam pads. Mike picked them up while he was picking up trash. I put the styrofoam we had left from the hot box, under the camper and put a couple of pieces of wood on top of them.  I did offer to go with him to toss them in the trash but Mike said he could do it.  I'm just glade to get them out of here.. The place already smells a bit better.
The Dogs ... Barney loves to run. Because there isn't a lot of people here (yet) I'll let him run when we go out, after dark. He's good about not going to far and coming when I call him. He sounds like a little freight train when he's running.
This afternoon, I took a ball out with us and let the dogs run, dragging their leads, after the ball for a few minutes. Time for us to do that ,again. Rocky wasn't so intrested in the running but Macon and Barney loved it. I took them to the very back, where they could explore a bit and do "Dog" things for a few minutes.
The Cats ... Are not sure if they like the new beds or not.  They have been checking them all over. They have spent some time in the kennel today. They just didnt' want to stay out of my trash piled on the floor and I was trying to keep it all swept into one area until I had it all gathered up, then tossed at one time. I finally got it all taken care of and they are out again. I still have to feed them but have put them off so they can have some freedom in the camper for a bit.
From the kitchen...  Hamburger, fresh baked Rolls, Baked home Fries, Green Beans.
I am hearing... (5:30) Early Morning Nashville news (channel 5) Mostly just the usual stuff.. wrecks. fire, National news. MLK Day events.
(7am) CBS Morning News.. CBS has changed it's morning news and how it's presented. Still making up my mind if I like it or will find a different station to watch in the mornings.  I hate changes and I know it so I try to give extra time to things that are New and or changed from what I'm more use to.
((5:30 pm)  The King's Speech. I saw the last of it, wanted to see the first of it.
I am wearing... (5:30) My long blue house dress. Later will be sweat pants and a tshirt.
Yes,, I put on brown sweat pants and a white tshirt.. and a purple check bandana over my hair.
I am reading... Just read Gen 11, I'll have to pick one book and read it, this afternoon. Need to get back to doing more reading, like I use to do a long time ago.
I read a chapter in "American woman's Home". A book writtein in the late 1800's.
One of my favorite things... is playing with the dogs and letting them stretch out a bit.
A few plans for the rest of the week... Laundry has to be done. I'll have to get it out of the back of the van. We took it with us but Jerry was getting sicker as the day got longer so it didn't get done.

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