Monday, January 9, 2012

Jan 9 2012

Good Morning... I've been a bit slow this morning. Just not in a hurry at all. I just got back in from walking the dogs around the lower level. Gee, something was missing... I kept wondering what was I missing, then it dawned on me. a camper across from me is gone. I don't even recall if it was there yesterday or not. Thinking not.
The drive is all back in order. I'm guessing the leak was found and fixed.. What a mess it is though, as we had rain last night and now there is Mud everywhere. Barney loves the mud. He wants to taste it, roll it in, and just play in it. Macon is right behind him. Rocky looks at both dogs like they are some strange being from another planet.
The job is back to starting at 7 am so we get to sleep in a bit later, now. instead of getting up at 2:30 we are getting up at 3:15.  Jerry said the traffic is heavier by the time he's in Clarksville then than when he was going in at 6. 

We have off and on rains all day, according to the forcast. We may even have some snow by tomorrow night.
 I'm thinking of making Kitchen soup. I need to clean the fridge and this is one way to use up all those dollops and dribbles of things that got put back in the fridge.  Jerry won't eat it, but I can have it for lunch each day.
From the kitchen... Boneless Pork Chops, Boiled Potatoes (extra needed for potato skins) Salad, Jello with Pineapple
I am hearing... "The View" is on. A good ol Gossip show. 
I am wearing...  Maroon sweat pants and a stained up white tshirt. Good "Clean the House" clothes.
I am reading... I have been reading a couple of books on my kindle. one is about helping your kids get organized.. only it's more about you getting organized than teaching the kids.

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