Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Today... Dec 1, 2009

For Today... Dec 1, 2009

Outside my window...(noon) The Sun is shining but we are in for a weather change according to the forecast. I notice that more and more of the grass is turning yellow and losing it's green quickly now. Even some of the brush that is on the edge of this property is more yellow than the green it was just last week. ( 5pm ) the window I sit at, on my computer faces East, The sun is setting and I can see the moon just at the top of the trees now. Laege and bright. It was a pleasent day and I spent about an hour outside with the dogs. We walked around the edge of this place and they got to explor the weeds and the trails where the deer jump the fences.

I am thinking...(noon) I better spend some time outside today, because it will soon be too cold for me to want to stay out.( 5pm ) I'm glade I got out for a bit, this afternoon with the dogs.

From the kitchen... Jerry said he may make spegettie. I pulled hamburger and some chicken out of the freezer so both could thaw. I'm hoping more for the chicken than the burger. If he saves the burger, I'll put it in a pot of beans I plan to make tomorrow. (7pm) I made the Chicken. A little hot oil in the skillet, some seasoning and a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash then covered with a lid after 20 minutes turned over, seasoned the other side and put the lid back on. Heated up a can of Corn (starch) and a can of french cut Green Beans. Warmed up two dinner rolls each. I only ate 1/2 of my chicken and cut the other half in to bite sized pieces to use tomorrow.

I am wearing...(noon) Brown Sweatpants and a light blue tshirt

I am hoping...(noon) That the phone rings with a job for Jerry very soon. He expressed his frustration in it not ringing last night. He is as ready as I am, to get out of here and back on our own. Living with Beth is a blessing but not our desire ( 5pm ) Still waiting for that phone call. As bad as things seem, we know we are at least in a good place. It could be much worse, we could be homeless with no place to go.

I am creating...(noon) I just finished the unicorn block for a quilt I want to make. I have to go back on line and find the other stencils that I wanted for the other blocks. They are lost on my laptop.

I am hearing... the Tv in the background, as well as the drying running and the washer as well. ( 5pm ) I've got my mp3 player going. right now it's "I don't want to miss a thing". I don't know who sings it.

Around the house... (noon)I just swept the bathroom floor. I made the breakfast this morning, Buttermilk pancakes. Not one was left over.

( 5pm ) I did work on our stuff a bit. I got my suitcase unburied, and straighted out. Sorted if you will. I have put some of Jerry's clothes on a broken chair in the room to get them out of my way. This is not going to go quickly.

(7pm) Jerry got a little miffed when I told him to wash his dishes after dinner. the water was in the sink. only takes a minute and I didn't ask him to wash any thing else but his plate and fork. You would think I was asking him to go milk a cow or some other chore like that. When he cooks, I do the dishes, when I cook, I still end up doing the dishes, I think I'm going to try to get him into the habit of washing up his own plate, after meals by having the water already in the sink, waiting for him.

One of my favorite things...(noon) Haveing control of the tv for a couple of hours. I miss that, during the day, when Jerry is home.

A few plans for the rest of the week... (noon)I have got to straighten up the middle bedroom and repack our things. I can't find any thing I want or need quickly, right now.

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