Monday, December 7, 2009

For Today... Dec 07 09

For Today... Dec 07 09

Outside my window... Light Gray,, the sky is full of clouds ready to dump some snow on us, again. We got snow over-night and we are going to get more according to the forecast. much more. 5 inches more. Not what I wanted to hear.

I am thinking... Not much is going on around here. Not much is going to be goind on, either.

I am thankful for... A van that stays warm when we drive. We went to town for a few things. I finally got some shoes. Not what I was looking for, but they will do if (when) the deep stuff gets here.

From the kitchen... Jerry picked out ham slices and beef rice for dinner. I found some salad on sale.

I am wearing... brown sweatpants and a printed dark purple top. I have my purple sweat shirt on over that. I'm cold.

I am hoping... That we get a phone call soon. Jerry got a call, from a friend, today who is also looking for work as well. It is good to know we are not the only ones going through this, but dis-heartening as well, knowing so many others are. I know of about 8 who have called him over the last three to four weeks, asking if he's working or if he's heard of a job any where that might be hiring. Not good at all to hear of so many good people trying to find a job, withing our own small circle.

I am creating... Nothing at this time

I am hearing... tv in the background. some Christmas music on my computer

Around the house... Not much, dishes, laundry and floor sweeping.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I still plan on grilling steaks tomorrow evening and having s'more for dessert, outside over the grill. That is, if we get snow. If not then the plan will be for Wed night.

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