Friday, December 18, 2009

catching up, Jerry is now 55

Jerry is now up to speed. Yep, he turned the double nickel today. He's 55. Hard to believe that when we first met that we would still be going strong this many years later as well. I don't have any gifts for him this year. I will be making him a cake here in a bit. Chocolate Cake. Don't know what will be for dinner, yet. Chicken most likely. What else, I don't know. Maybe some mashed potatoes since he likes them, a lot.

It's been a hazy day here, Hard to think of a cold day as being hazy but it has been. I had to ask Jerry if it was me or was it hazy.. he said it wasn't me.

We "May" have a white Christmas this year. According to the long range forecast, there is a good chance of snow Christmas Eve and Christmas day.. First time in a long time what I've seen snow at Christmas.

We took Beth's overall's to the laundry matt to dry them. Took 7 quarters to do it. They were noisy and I think that's one reason she asked me to do it this way. I washed them here at her home. it got us out of the house for a bit, as well. Directv has turned us off. IF RAC Had done what we paid for (Insurance for in case or lay off) we would have been able to pay for the service and not be without tv right now. I feel bad for Jerry though. I can catch up on my one soap via the internet, but it's not as easy to catch up on Survivor. He was so looking forward to watching the final this Sunday.. We wanted to know how they were going to go from 5 to 2 and then the reading of the votes in an hour. The reunion show we usually skip. I know we can find out Monday, via the net, who won, but it's more fun to watch the show.

The house is too quiet without tv. driving me up a wall. I don't often turn on a radio, but I may have to at this rate.

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