Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beth's tree is up.

Tonight, I walked Rocky, and one of the outside dogs, (Sam from the farm) wanted in, badly. It's very cold out. He came in before I could get Rocky to come into the house and I tripped as I came in through the door, Which caused me to stumble and fall into some plastic shelfing Beth has by her television. She has been asking me to empty those shelfs and move them so she could put up her Christmas Tree. The shelves got moved and the tree is up and the lights are on it. Not by my design, but because of my tripping. At least nothing was broken on the shelfs and I only have a couple of bruses, not counting my ego, of course.
This is the third fall I've taken this month. First was my fault. I was trying to put on my shoe on my right foot and fell backward off the arm of the couch onto the couch but that contiuned to a roll onto the floor before I finally stopped. The second was, I was taking out the cat box to empty it when I slipped on some ice and fell right as I was tossing the contents of the box out toward the fence. I landed on my knees that time. No hurts, just mad because me feet went out from under me and I ended up landing in icy mud. This time, My shoes caught in the carpet as I came throught the door while I was trying to pull Rocky away from Sam, who had run to Jerry, which brought Macon from the other room to see who was in and Macon wanted to start a fight with Sam. Sam had to go back outside while I caught my breath. Once we got the mess of all the cd's and dvd's off the floor, I put the large dog crate (kennel) together in the bathroom and brought Sam back in, out of the cold. That is what he wanted any way in the first place, in out of the cold. He's very content to be in the bathroom on an old blanket in there.

I said I wasn't going to empty those shelfs for Beth while she wasn't here.. I was right. I sure didn't mean to fall into them, but it did get her to clean them herself.

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