Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Today... Dec 9, 2009

For Today... Dec 9, 2009

8 pm

Outside my window... Right now it's dark, but earlier today we had some sunshine and high clouds after yesterday and last nights snow. We got about 4 inches of snow overnight. The wind was up and cold though.

I am thinking... It's cold outside. About 10 am, I let Same loose to run and warm up. He doesn't like our dogs much, but needed to be able to run and warm up. Since our dogs are inside most of the time and we don't just open the door for them to go out, it wasn't fair to Sam at all. Jerry wasn't happy, but lives with it. I put a bucket of water out for the dogs, in the garage and it was frozen a couple of hours later.

I am thankful for... Beth letting us stay at her home, while her father is between jobs, again. He's looking but not having any luck in finding any thing, right now. She spent the day (her night) with a friend who lives only a couple of blocks from her job. That was she could get in to work in this nasty weather. We are able to take care of her animals and run her van to keep it working while she's there.

From the kitchen... Jerry sliced off a few pieces from a turkey ham and fried them. We also had friend potatoes and french cut green beans. I had a salad.

I am wearing...Maroon sweat pants. a flowered top that goes well with the pants and a purple sweatshirt.

I am reading...emails

I am hoping... That the weather warms up soon, We need to take a few tubs back to storage. Also hoping that Jerry gets a job call, soon.

I am creating...nothing today

I am hearing... Ghost Hunters on the tv in the other room.

Around the house... doing dishes and laundry.

A few plans for the rest of the week.. wait out the cold and snow, take a few things to storage. stay packed and ready to go.

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