Sunday, December 6, 2009

been one of "those" days

It's been "one of those" days. Nothing I say seems "right". nothing I do, is enough, and I'm to the point of, just saying "Screw It."

Oh, it's ok for me to do the cleaning, but don't speak when people are over. Even if "people" happens to be our nephew and his wife..

I'm getting plenty fed up with my daughter dismissing any thing I saw as useless.

I've not been around the last 52 years in a bubble. And I sure as Hell don't accept this sort of treatment from my own kids. IF we were not over a barrel right now, I'd be giving her the ear-full instead of writing about it in a blog.

I am really to the point that, once we leave here, taking every thing that is our and either shoving it into storage, or breaking it so she can't use it. and never come back here again excpet to pick up the stuff in storage. No stopping at her home, even.

I so want to just say Screw it, to her, and take the tv, phone service, the van she drives and the insurance we pay for it away from her.

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