Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life with the Jeep

Well, we were given a tip on a place that would re-weld the broken hinge on the driver's door of the jeep.
So.. at 4 am, on Monday morning, I'm up, getting dressed. Walk Rocky and put him into the Jeep, wait for Jerry to get in. over the console, then in myself.. I have to stay awake to see how to get to his job site. We stop at a little store so he can pick up his breakfast and a sandwich for lunch and a bag of ice. On to the job, where he gets out and goes in, gets his brass, then over to the gate. I leave, turning on the radio. Get back to the motel, walk Rocky again. Just take my insluin when Jerry calls me. I have to go back to the job site as he left his work keys with me, since it was his truck key that I drove home with. Oh my... I eat a banana so my sugar won't drop, the drive back out there... to find my sunglasses are now broken and I'm driving back to the motel, facing the sun. I manange to get a 40 minute nap, before taking the Jeep over to the body shop, They were kind enough to give me a ride back to the motel. Then, to show me the door is fixed, the man who did the welding tries the door... it's good but not perfect. so he gets out our sledge hammer, a tap here a pull, using it as a block there, and he breaks a different weld.. Oh man... can I bring it in tomarrow morning and he'll fix it. Yeah, not a problem.. "um... how are we going to work this out"... "I'll pay you 100 now and the rest tomarrow after it's fixed if that's ok with you."

. It's ok, I go get Jerry, we eat at Perkins after I drive us back, and surprise Jerry by using that door. It works, if your gentle with it.

Tuesday Morning. UP at 4 am (grrr, again) dressed, walk Rocky.. get into the Jeep... Jerry gets in and .. nothing.. won't start. he gets out, wiggles the battery cable.. now the thieft alarm is going off, (at least the horn isn't honking) sort of.. the lights are flashing, but the battery is weak..maybe. first we turn the key in the lock to turn off the alarm setting. then Jerry "taps" the battery terminals with that sledge. lightly.. it works, the Jeep starts. we go down to that store we stopped at yesterday morning.. He puts gas in, and waits for it to open.. goes to move the Jeep, and it won't start, again... GRRR.... a few "taps" and it starts. We leave after he picks up his drinks and sandwiches. We get to the job, he gets out, picks up his brass, I drive him to the gate. it's not that far, but I figure every step we save is that much easier on his feet. He gets out, picks up his lunch box and drinks, and I ask him, is he going to get his ice as well, or let it melt onto the tool box in the back.. he grins and goes back and gets his ice. In through the gate he goes, and I come back to the motel. NO call this time. I lay down for 1 1/2 hours. Get up, redress, walk Rocky, then get my own breakfast after I take my meds. At 9 am, I'm headed back to the body shop. a few mis turns and I finall find the way in. The corner it sits as is two one ways.. the one I'm on, does not have a drive into his place without jumping the curb.. with the short axels not being "right" I'm not taking chances and find a way to go around and come down the other one way street to get into his driveway, finally. Only he's not there, taking a truck back to some cement company. He comes in about 40 minutes later. pulls the jeep in, fixes the door and we are good to go. I pay him the rest of the money and I think we are both happy with his work. OH, they have the sweetest black dog. I can tell she's been hit by a car, her hips are out of whack. I give her a good hip rub and she's in love with me. She's really a sweet dog. Anyway. while I was waiting, I was reading Earagon. I picked up a copy the other night since I didn't have room for the hardbound book that Beth said I could borrow. I re-read most of what I had read over winter at her place. I get back to the motel in time to walk Rocky and then watch my soap. Beth calls. She owes the state some more money.. I did some more sewing on my rose block, then it's time to go get Jerry. We ate at "The Four Seasons", going in, not knowing it's Asian. I'm fine with it, Jerry left hungery. He don't much care for that style of cooking. We drove past the PetSmart to see that they are having a drive in cruse. If you have an old car, drive it in and show it off.. looked like fun and I expected Jerry to stop, but we came on back to the motel. We've been here 2 1/2 weeks now and tonight is the first time we got into the pool. It says it's a heated pool... yeah right.. That water is cold. but we got in anyway. Jerry was in longer than I was. Once we were in, it felt good, but getting use to the water was the pits.

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