Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another day

Just another day in the motel. At least this morning, Rocky and I got in a short walk. It's been too long since I was able to do more than just amble around this building. I still rumble in my windpipe but it's not in the lungs and it is clearing up. It was foggy when we went out, the Sun came out and it got worse. I was dripping with sweat by the time I got back to our room. We are on the top floor. and there is very little air movment up here. No air conditioning in the hall and it stays humid as well. So yes, it also has a smell.. Yesterday, as I was walking to meet my Jerry for dinner, I caught a "strange" whiff... hum.... Another person living on the floor was behind me, catching the same elevator and when she got where I smelled it, I asked is she smelled "something off" in that area as well... it smells like dead meat. She works here some nights so I'm sure she'll keep a nose (eye) on it. I hope so anyway.

We have kids on this floor, including her son. Austin is about 4 or 5 years old and such a great little boy.. it's too bad he has to spend most of his play hours out in that hall but I know that their room is even more crowded than our is since they also have a baby in there. The baby's walker spends time in the hallway along with the carrage. If the kids would just keep the toys at one end of the hall it would be ok, I could use the other (further away) elevator when I need to go out. but they use the whole hallway, and by the time Jerry gets home the whole thing may have kids clutter along the way. Sometimes they make noise and Rocky will bark. Austin loves Rocky, Rocky loves to give him kisses. I'm not so sure his mother approves. If the baby is outside and she hears us out in the hall she swoops up the baby.. Rocky likes to lick baby toes. He has been very good to be gentle around that baby.. he knows the differenct in the kids out in the hall. One kids does not like Rocky and will kick at him. I have asked him not to several times when we have to pass him on our way out. I hold Rocky up close to me so he can't go to that kid, but Rocky doesn't understand that he's not liked by everyone. How do you convience a dog that not every one likes a little brown engery fill dog? The staff here have no problem with him and will give him attention, if they are not busy.. even if they are, they may take a second to at least say Hi to him.. ha ha.

Rocky and Jerry have a "new" game. Rocky likes to play (tear off the lables) with cola bottles... and thinks every empty one is his.. I have to watch that he leaves the ones with liquid in them alone. last night Jerry tossed one, when Rocky brought it back, Jerry tossed another. Rocky, carring the first, went to get the second one.. and Jerry tossed another one and Rocky just didn't know which ones to get.. because this lasted through about 8 bottles. I have found more and loaded up a large bag for them to play this game again, tonight.

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