Wednesday, July 23, 2008

on the road again, again.

After spending the weekend near Menlo IA, and going to the job site on Monday morning, we found out we were at the wrong job. We were suppose to be in Mineral IL. So it was pack everything back into the trailer, go change the contrac, reall it was complicated. had to turn in the trailer then get it again. on paper.... and it cost almost twice as much to head it back east. I don't know, yet , if the company will re-emburse us for that or not. Jerry said he's not going to fight for that expence. He will get a days pay for being on the road, and the per diem, I hope. plus travel from Mineral to Menlo and back.. so double the travel pay. We didn't un pack much at all, until we were sure we were at the right job, this time... almost looked like he was going to be put on a night shift, which Jerry does not like working any more. but he's on days. so it's good. We should be here around 5 to 6 weeks.

I have a cold and have not paid that much attention to beyound the bare basics.. so much so, that I didn't even realize that we are across the street from a walmart store. Talk about being out of it... so close. I did a load of laundry here in the motel and hope to catch things up by this weekend if possible. The dryer costs $1.00 a load and I don't know for how long it will go, because my wash was dry before the dryer shut off this morning.

I have made a pot of Pinto Beans for dinner tonight. I will cook up a couple of Pork chops to go with the beans and salad we have already. I guess I'll have to take the jeep and go shopping after dinner tonight. I would rather drive than walk across the busy street out front.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got 're-settled' again and in the 'right' place this time. We can relate to the hotel living. After Hurricane Katrina we lived in a hotel for a year. We found that the gray Rubbermaid tubs were a great way to store a few 'crafty' goodies to work on. Whenever hubby had to head in to New Orleans, we could throw the stuff in a tub, pack it, stack it, tote it and unload it on the other end with a little bit of ease. Maybe that would work for you too. You could put all your embroidery (and crayons) in a tub to tote. ;) I'm glad you are stitching and coloring!
alicia in Hawaii
(p.s. Hubby was a Coast Guard Electrician...gotta love those electrical fun)