Monday, July 7, 2008

Life as I know it

Don't you just love it when a loved one is home sick? (NOT)

My Beloved is home, not feeling well. He slept all day yesterday. He called into work today. He should have stayed home Saterday, but went to work anway.

So, I put him to work, so to speak. He had wanted me to make a couple of calls on some repairs on the Jeep. Since he knows what he's talking about more than I do, I had him take care of it. We found a shop close to the motel that would do the work reasonable. So we drove over and walked back. WE took Rocky with us. Walkning back was fine with me, it's less than a mile away, uphill part of the way. Rocky wanted more to walk with Jerry than me so we had to have an understanding.

I finshed up a side on my neck kerchief. I have one more side to hem, then some white work to get done on it. I really need to make two of them. I may hem both, then do the white work. I also need to start on the chemises I want to get made. I need the sleeve larger than the orginal pattern I used showed.

Breakfast was at IHOP this morning. A bit more than I usually eat, but it was good, anway.

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