Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday, July 24th

Today is my Son's Birthday, Happy Birthday David, where ever you are. I will try to call him at the only number we have for him, this evening after Jerry gets home from work.

Thanks Alice, for reading my blog.

I still feel rough. Cough all night long. stuffy head. Not too achky.

When we bought the Jeep, we knew we would have to either rent or buy a small enclosed trailer. This last trip was with a rental. I'l still looking to buy one so we can just park it in a corner when we are not using it. I have three of the rubber maid tubs with me. Too many to count in storage. 3 clearn tubs, one that looks like it would fit under a bed... won't. two boxes that TP come in for motels, they are nice big boxes. I do plan on more tubs just to make carrying things a bit easier.. When we moved into the motel in Vicksburg MS it took us about 1o trips from the van to the room with their laundry cart. This time, it took us about 5 trips with a luggage cart. The extra bed has all most all our stuff on it, right now. I am trying to not get more stuff because we don't have room to store much. I have our kitchen in tubs. two large tubs are just foods. Rice, beans, tea, seasonings, ect. two tubs and a box are for either cooking or eating. We have to large suitcases with wheels for our clothes and they are not enough. I have 4 laundry bags that I use for the clothes we just wore or are out of season. One bag is just coats. We don't need a coat in summer, but I don't want to buy yet another coat for winter, not when I have 3 in storage. But,, it's getting to that storage that is the problem. I did decide that I wanted a new coat this year. But I will miss my older coat. Jerry usuallly gets a new coat each year, but he is very hard on coats because he works outside more than inside. Even if he's working inside, he's wearing his coat because there ususally isn't any heat on. Here it is, end of July, and I'm thinking of winter coats.

I am sooo use to highs in the upper 90's to lower 100's that these days of lower 80's are a sheer joy to be out in. Even with the cold. I am slowly getting things sorted and put someplace. There are two drawers here. One for him, and one for me. There is a larger dresser in the hall I could use, if I wanted it. I think I'll leave it there, since we are only a few weeks.

I did find out there is a place I want to go.There is a fall Rendezvous in Rockhome IL. From Aug30 through Sept 1. I don't think I can get a set of clothes up by then but I can still go and look and ask questions. I just hope Jerry will let me go to it. or that he can get some time off as that is labor day weekend and so should be able to go with me.

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