Sunday, June 29, 2008

Break downs and a Jeep

It's been the weekend of all weekends.

On Saterday morning, Dear, Darling Husband wakes up at 4 am, dresses in less than 15 minutes and leaves for work. While driving TO work, The truck gave up the ghost. Broke down on the side of the road, never to run again. He calls me around 4:45, up out of a sound sleep... "The truck is down, I'm walking back." (me) "How far is it?" (Him) " About 10 miles." (me) "Wait, let me look up a taxi and you can call for him to come get you. (him) "um... oh.. ahum.. OK. Give me the number." (Me) " Let me look it up, (mumbling under my breath, cause I can't see well anymore, when I first wake up).."Found It, it's @@@-@@@-@@@@. " (Him) "Okay, I'll call" He was more like 20 miles and not 10 from the motel. for that long a ride it wasn't a bad price, only $47. He's home by 5:30. Course, after we hand up, I can't sleep in any longer, so I took a bath. I was dressed by the time he got back. We can't go anywhere close to here to eat before 6 am, anyway.. by the time I get my hair somewhat dry, it's daylight outside. At 6:10 we left the room to walk over to the restrant for breakfast. They are still setting up the tables for the breakfast crowd.
" What would you like to drink?"
(Me) Coffee, please.. and creamer
(Him) Iced Tea, No Lemon
The Waitress comes back a couple of minutes later. The iced tea machine just broke. (we could hear it beep-ing) So Jerry had "Pop" instead.

Going to the restrant, we stopped at the carlot between it and the motel. There are 4 trucks / suv's we are intrested in, but the place won't open till at least 9 am.. and now it's just past 6... We eat, then walk back to the motel. He crawls back into bed, for about 1 1/2 hours sleep. I stay up, and read emails, take care of Rocky, and just wait for Jerry to wake up, again.

Jerry got up, re dressed and we walk over to the car lot, just as they are opening up.. He looks around, we go in and let the man inside know what we are looking for. He has one in our price range (truck as still selling high around here, even with high gas prices) Jeep. A 1994 Grand Cherokee with a V8. It's the size we need. It's in our price range, and since we will take it "as is" and will pay for the rest of the work out of our pocket, the seller is happy as well. What work, you ask? the drivers' door panel needs something to keep it on the door, new headligth covers,and two frount axels replaced, but they are ok for now. Course, the man drove it yesterday with no problems out of the door. Jerry pays for it, and now the door won't close. We fianlly get the door to close, (needs new pins) *Note* this is the third thing to break on him, this morning. We pay for our room for one more week, and the printer isn't working right. When he walks out, the printer works. We drive around a bit, after putting Rocky into his kennel, just to be sure the axels are not going to fall off right away. In the afternoon, we go out to the truck to remove the rest of our stuff we want to keep out of it. It's already got a green tag on the radio attiena. It takes us about 1/2 hour to get all our stuff out and into the Jeep.

That's about my whole weekend. We did laundry today. I got material washed so, now, I can start a couple of projects I have in mind to work on.

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