Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to pack it up

Time to pack up the stuff in this room and get on the road, again. Yep, the end of this job is near. Next stop in our wonderings will be Menlo IA, unless minds change at the last minute tomarrow. I'll not be on much tomarrow. I will end up driving Hubby into work, driving back to the motel to wait for his phone call. When/if he calls me, I then go get a U-Haul trailer, and then back to the job to pick up the tools box. Then back to this room and pack up all but the nightly necessitys. That way, by 10 Saturday morning, we can be on our way. According to Mapquest it's only about a 4 hour drive since it's just the other side of Des Moines IA. Course we will have to find a motel. And that is going to be a challenge since we looked up Menlo the other day and it's a very, very small town. population of around 365. Well, I better look and see if I can find any motels that will accept a dog and have free wifi, our only two real requirments. Cooking in the room would be nice. and we don't really need a pool. We've been in once, and then we both got sick.

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