Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jeep woes, life in general, working on

Well, after getting the jeep worked on, it went down again. We had just filled the tank when the fuel pump went out. I was lucky to be able to find someone to drive Dear Hubby to work, and pick him up from there, for $50 a day. That covers gas and her time. Got the call this morning, it's going to cost $550 to get the pump replaced. Good thing Friday is pay day. I have caught Jerry's cold. I did take a walk this morning with Rocky. I did some stitches on one of my roses, yesterday, but not enough to really brag about. I went out, sat in front of the room, stitched a few, then here came Jerry with Rocky. Can't stitch while Rocky's out as he wants attention and I just drop what's in my hands when he's like that.

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