Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy and Safe Independence Day !!

I do hope that any one who reads my blog, has a great, safe and relaxing day, today.

Jerry had to work, as I wrote in my blog, yesterday. And he has to work tomarrow. The pay check will look good, but he does need some rest. At least he'll have Sunday off.

I did plan on a picnic, but since we didn't go out, there was no picnic. We didn't go see the fireworks, as we heard there would be a crowd.. and man was there. According to Mary in the office, There were more people there than lives in the whole town. I guess a lot of people from around the area know just how popular the fireworks show is here in Dubuque.

Today is room cleaning day and Rocky is all excited, because he knows it. He knows that when the room gets it's cleaning he gets some extra time outside. Dan got to stop and pet Rocky today. Sonny has eased up on the "No talking to the guest" I think. I got a large trash bag to get all our trash picked up and outside for him to take to the trash bin. He'll let me know when his day is done, and I'll let him toss the ball for Rocky a few times. I do encourage Rocky to play with others, as it keeps him friendly. As long as it's outside our door. I want Rocky to be able to get along with just about anyone, outside the door. When we are inside the door, that's another matter.

We took our walk this morning. I took him along the roadway instead of behind the buildings, so he could walk in the grass more. I think I'll talk Jerry into dineer at the family restraunt when he gets in. It's about the only place I know of that will still be open when he gets off, and home. Most places are closing around 5 pm today.

Beth has to work but she got the morning shift. 6 to 3. She texted me at 5:55 this morning, wishing us a safe and happy 4th. I texted her, around 8, giving her the same wish. I tried to call Heather, but I guess they are already over at Dotties, since no one answered the phone. I'll try calling again in a bit.

Todays weather is nice and cool, for July. There are high fluffy clouds and no rain in today's forcaste.

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