Sunday, August 3, 2008

Out and About

Well. We both are enough over our colds to want to do a little sight seeing. Woke up this morning to a Thunderstorm. But, I let Jerry sleep, a bit/.After a late morning wake up, at 8 am. We watched a bit of tv. (can't even remember what was on) We went for breakfast at the truck stop across the interstate from the motel. It was so-so. I think I would have rather had "The Country Kitchen" . After breakfast, we went to Walmart for grocies.. This is one town that Walmart truly is cheeper than the local grocie store on produce and meats. I also picked up a couple more pairs of shorts to wear for what is left of this summer. my three pair just is not enough to comfortable get through a week. I don't do anything much. so I'm not really getting them dirty.

After returning to the motel, and putting away what few grocies we did get, we decided to try our hand at Geocaching.. First. you have to know how to work the GPS thing. We have a Megellon. I wanted a Garman but Walmart didn't have the one we wanted and Jerry wanted "it" NOW!. so we got what they had. So far.. bust. but we are not giving up. I will down-load the disk to my computer this week and read up on how to make the thing work. Jerry has spent almost two hours trying to figure out how to put in a Geocache location so we can go find it. Still working on it as I type this up.

We did drive around a bit. and Since I wanted to see the covered bridge that is near here. That is where we went, first. It's a fairly busy road. so we didn't get to take too many pictures at the bridge. But here are two good ones I think we got.

Our next stop was at the Hennepen Canal lock number 17. I had my hands full with Rocky and Jerry doesn't know my camera all tha well. He did get a picture of some milkweed pods I asked him to take. We may go back and get more pictures, later.

We drove around a bit. He asked, "Where to, now?" as we were headed back to the motel and I asked him to drive down the road between the shopping center next door , to see if it is somplace I would want to walk Rocky.. no. No sidewalks and too much traffic. But going around and only taking rights. we ended up back across the covered bridge, again.

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