Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Howdy.... I do hope that your having a great day. It's a bit cloudy and cool here but not so cool that I can't have the door open for a bit. The back window is open and the cats seem to think it's their personal doorway into the camper.  The trees here are very pretty, that is the ones that haven't lost their leaf's yet.  I need to take more pictures. Yesterday, I took my four Mum plants to the entrance and planted them under the sign to the campground around the roses.. So many thorns that I have to be extra careful.
 The first night of the trail is coming up and I still don't know where along the trail I'll be stationed and what I'm expected to do.  We will see.
 I decorated my golf cart yesterday, all but the lights. I still need to find command hooks to put them up with. I could use tie wraps but I'd rather use the command hooks cause I can put them where I want them.

The dogs are enjoying this weather. They get to spend over 45 minutes outside most morning and time outside in the afternoon, before I start dinner and about 15 minutes before Jerry gets home from work. Barney wants to play and Macon will usually play with him, Rocky, not so much, but every now and then he will start something. I need to get the play balls out from under the couch again and take one out for Barney.  Yesterday afternoon it was the yellow squeeky ball and he had a blast squeeking it and tossing it then bringing it to me to toss for him.  He has so much fun with that ball. He was wore out and went to sleep early last night. while cleaning out the living room I noticed that the dog's toy box was in sad shape to I've tossed it out after I emptied it. I tossed all of Barney's rocks outside and he found one and was playing with it while we were waiting for Jerry to get home from work.

That is one big rock that Barney loves to play with.
Dinner tonight is going to be a Salad, Chicken baked in a can of Cream of Chicken soup, and I'm thinking of making either a pot of rice or instant mashed potatoes to go with them.  I made up a Sugar Free Chocolate Pumpkin Cake yesterday by putting a can of pumpkin in a sugar free cake mix and it was okay but I'll not be doing that again. Jerry wasn't happy with it.  I do have a white cake mix that I'll do next time, and I'll add some pumpkin pie spice to it when I make it up. 

I am hearing... I have caught up all the back shows of Y&R through last Friday. I am saving that one, Mondays and maybe yesterday's show as well.. I will have to see today's show before I make up my mind on it as well. Right now, the noon news is coming on

I am wearing... a pink top and maroon  sweat pants..
I am reading... Forewarned A horse and healing mystery.
I am creating...  I had fun decorating my gold cart yesterday. I need to cut "faces" into a few cans tomorrow.

Billie C.
Smile, it makes people wonder what you have been up to.

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