Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Howdy.. Oct 8

Howdy....  And Good evening.  Not much going on around here today. I did drive the golf cart around a bit. I didn't go past the chain across the road although I have permission to. The  direction I went I have to get too close to the pole and it feels like I'm tipping the cart over before I turn it back toward the road.  I did go check out the small area that I took pictures in a few days ago, but I forgot the battery for my camera and had to go back for it.
 I took some stale crackers to the ducks and got a few pictures of them.
 The geese wouldn't come close until after I left the area. 
  I spent most of this afternoon, straightening out my canned goods and the storage under the counter by the fridge as well as the counter itself.  Now maybe I can finds things there, again. I really needed to straighten it up so I can get to my bread maker easier. I want to make some fresh bread this week as a treat. I made a way to keep track of what canned goods I have, not counting the cans of stuff I kept out for our dinner tonight. Oops. I burned the creamed corn. I really have trouble not burning creamed corn. Not matter how close I watch it, it ends up scorched. Even when I use the microwave I have a tendency to cook it too long.
I had the dogs out several times today. It was nice and cool and they would play for a bit before wanting to come back into the camper. The cats were all staying outside today. Strips came in for a bit but then begged to go back outside once he got warmed up. 

We had cloudy skies and rain yesterday. Jerry got rained out and we took my phone to the local Sprint office only to find out, It's not the phone but the system. and it's acting up even worse today.  I had hoped that shutting off the phone then re-starting it would solve the problem but it didn't. I now have a phone number to call and complain to every day until it's fixed. The people at the office claim it's a tower issue. I don't know, I just know that, when Beth calls me, I answer and I'm talking to dead air. She can't hear me but knows I've answered the phone. She then hangs up and I can call her and it's okay.  All the phone calls on my birthday was like that, as well.  I can do that after each call but it's frustrating as all get out.

We are expecting rain again tomorrow. From sounds of things it's going to be more of a drizzle than a rain for most of the day but you never can tell just what is going to happen. Won't know until it happens if Jerry will get rained out again or not. I hope not, or else he may have to make it up on Saturday. He's already going to have to miss 1/2 of Friday because I have a doctors appointment . I'm not going to ask Joey again to take me.
From the kitchen... What's for dinner today, Salad, Ham steak, Cream Corn and peas.
I am hearing... NCIS is on.  I heard the Geese come in for the night a bit ago. I've heard the neighbors heater going off and on during the day. A few birds during the day and crickets.

I am wearing... Black Sweat Pants and a purple short sleep top.
I am reading... Forewarned, a Horse and Healing Mystery.
I am creating...  A Colorful Golf Cart. I have fall leaves around the top and picked up some artificial gourds to hang from the edges over the weekend. I also need to start the paper mache pumpkins I want to make. Jerry has cut the faces out of two cans and I sprayed one of the cans orange today.

One of my favorite things... watching the dogs play together. We are in a habit of, once I start dinner and it can just be keeping warm on the stove, I take the dogs out until Jerry gets home from work, They get to greet him outside and can express their joy of seeing him before we have to go back into the camper for the night.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  Not sure if I'll be working on stuff for the Haunted Trail this week or not. I've not heard from Wanda since last Friday. But I'll be ready. I want to cut out cards for Halloween for the Grand kids this week and get them in the mail soon. I made them cards last year, as well.

Billie C.
Smile, it makes people wonder what you have been up to.
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