Sunday, October 20, 2013

Haunted Trail

Here at the campground we are at, they have a Haunted Trail. part of the proceeds will go to a local charity (how much is that part, I don't know) It started on Friday. Is two days this week and two days next week ( Friday and Saturday)
Friday, I got a call, could I please come up to the office and cut out letters for this year's menu because they wanted to change things up a bit, add a couple of items and change a couple of prices from last years' menu. Sure, give me 20 minutes.  I really needed a shower before going anywhere and I had been putting it off until the camper got warmed up well.  I spent from 1 pm until after 5 pm cutting out letters and numbers with my Cricut. But it was fun. There were young people in and out all afternoon long. I lent my golf cart to two so they could go paint a couple of signs and I'm sure they did a little carting around with it, as well. One of the teenage girls was worried they would wreck it and asked me if I was worried they would do that.  I told her no more than when I drive it. I am as apt to wreck it as they are. No wrecks, just a broken key fob.. and I knew it was not going to last long so it was no biggie.  by 5 I had the last of the numbers and letters cut out and ready to glue to the menu board, but hadn't started that part of it.  I had to run back to the camper, let the dogs out, take my insulin and a pill, microwave and then eat a dinner, then get dressed for my part of the trail.  I was stationed in "The Town".  I asked if there was a way to get a ride there?  No, I had to walk there. I got asked several times if I was okay or did I feel like I was going to Fall Out. (Pass out) No, I have COPD and just have to take it slow and steady.  I was wringing wet by the time I got to the town which is over 2/3rds of the way down the trail from where I started from. That walk warmed me up well and I stayed warmed up until about 10:30. Even then I didn't get chilly. The lady who was across from me, She was chilled all evening long. (Last night she was not as chilled.) We had a blast. We have about 20 to 30 groups come through, and we got all but one of them to jump. Last night we half as many people come through. We had rain all day long and the trail was a bit slick, it wasn't really that bad.  Hopefully next weekend it won't be raining and more people will come out.
We had one incident though. A young lady (Guest) had an asthma attack and needed to take a break as she had already used her inhaler twice and she had to wait before using it again.  Deb and I didn't hear any one saying that she was in distress and for us to not spook her. Anyway. She had her trouble once she got past us but not too far away. She was okay but needed a place to rest. So we brought her behind the "house" I'm stationed in and let her sit on my golf cart for a little while until she got her breath back and calmed down a bit. Joan was making her rounds checking that the "Kids" were staying where they were suppose to and came along at just the right time to escort her the rest of the trail with word going ahead to not scare her because she was escorting out a guest.  Everyone was surprised that I offered to drive her back the way she had come and back to the office to wait for her family but she wanted to go on, just not be scared again. (I can understand that) But I don't understand why my offering her a ride back the ways she came was a surprise. Clearly she made the choice but the option was there. I told every one that one of the reasons I brought the cart is because I can't make that walk two nights in a row, but also because if something happens to any one on this side of the station with the strop lights, I could at least get them back to where the tractor is, and if necessary, I could drive around and come in from the other direction and pick up someone, as well. But I know a pickup truck can come down the other side, if needed.  I was more afraid of a twisted ankle, to be sure but the offer was there. I did give the girl a bottle of water as I have several in the tub on the back of my cart.  And after about 10 minutes she was ready to go on.    The rest of the night was fairly calm after that.  I lent Joan one of my lights and she dropped it and the back came off and it lost a battery. She thought she had broken it and was going to replace it. No, that's not necessary. and when I looked at it showed her how the back comes off and that the only problem is he lost battery and they were getting weak anyway and it was time to replace them.   So last night was a bit more exciting than the night before.
As "Town's people" we are not expected to be dressed as spooky or have to wear a mask or make up as much as the rest of the people working the trail but last night, I did. I mixed 1 part green with 3 parts white to have a green cast, then added lots of red dots, some of which ran. When I saw Joan to let her know I was on my way to my station she loved it. I told her. I have the Pox.  When Deb showed up, I did her face in white and gave her the Pox as well.  A while later Noah came to help out, as well and we had the perfect place in the trees for him. I gave him two black eyes (with eye shadow) and covered the upper part of his face green so he looked more like a tree oger (for a little guy that is) and he loved it.  Here are a couple of pictures. Me done up and Noah. I  didn't have a mirror with me to show him what I had done so I took his picture to show him.

Billie C.
Smile, it makes people wonder what you have been up to.

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