Thursday, October 24, 2013

Howdy, Oct 24, 2013

Howdy.... Good Afternoon.  I hope you are doing well and keeping happily busy. It's cold outside today compared to yesterday. I need a jacket to go outside and tomorrow is suppose to be even colder than today. Yikes I'm not ready for freezing weather at all.  At least it's not raining along with being cold. That may happen next week for all I know.

The Dogs  are enjoying these cooler days and love to play together then lay out in the sun for a bit. I let them when I can and even take them out an extra time or two just so they can play. The cats are not as happy with this weather and two of them slept inside last night. I expected Tupelo to come in but she didn't come to the door. Fuzzy used Jerry for a bed all evening and didn't want to move when he went off to his own bed. When we got up this morning she and Strips were curled up together on his side of the couch and Macon was sleeping on my side of the couch, with his nose tucked under his tail. I guess his nose was cold cause he didn't want to get up when I started Jerry's breakfast

From the kitchen...  I'm still debating wether to eat out or cook up something tonight. I'm doing laundry right now and if it takes me longer than I figured we will eat out. Otherwise I'll make hamburger something. Just can't make up my mind what that will be, I could just form  patties and cook those, cook the last of the hash brown potatoes I have in the freezer and a salad  .I am hearing... The dryer's working, they are rather noisy and so I'm not even going to try to hear anything else right now.
I am wearing... sweat pants (Maroon) and a pink T-shirt with butterfly's on it.  not much longer and I'll have to wear long sleeves all the time. I'm not looking forward to that at all.

 I am reading. I just finished reading Judges in The Bible and will start Ruth tomorrow.  Funny how no one talks about every thing that is at the end of Judges. Fighting between the families and why they fought.  I guess it's a pick and choose what you want to know sort of thing.
I am thinking.  How I can stretch my food money this week so I can help Beth out a bit more. We have a large bill we have to pay this week and two next week and I'm not sure just how much I can send her this week. Thank God though, she found a job and will be filling out the paperwork tomorrow.  I'm waiting to hear from Beth on what the doctor says is making Heather sick. I am praying that she never has to take her to the ER in the middle of the night ever again with a high fever.

I am hoping that Jerry has another job to go to when this one is finished.  He should have but nothing is ever promised. If we do have to move, I hope and pray that it's south of here and not north. I don't want to even think about moving "up north" in winter with a camper, pets and everything we have with us.
I am creating.... I just found the artificial leafs I picked up to make a candy dish with while cleaning out a tub of stuff and once I get back to the camper think I will start that since it will need many coats of Modge Podge and will have to dry between coatings of leafs and glue. I tossed all the newspaper I had to make a paper mache pumpkin because I no longer have time to do that for Halloween this year. I will have to make a note to start that in August next year so there is plenty of time for it to dry and to be sealed with clear paint.
One of my favorite things... driving around the campground, taking pictures of the lake

A few plans for today...  Well, beside folding and putting away the clean clothes once they are done, and maybe working on that bowl, I plan on sorting the stuff on the counter by the fridge again. I did it last week and it needs it again. I need to find a better place to keep my fresh potatoes.

Billie C.

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Pondering Cat said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. Such a scenic area. I hope your dogs continue to enjoy the fall weather.