Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas eve ponderings

Glittery Snowflake

I have to admit, I'm very glade we are not up north right about now. Beth, in Missouri has been slammed with snow several time already, with more in her forcaste. It has been very pleasent here in Georgia and looks to be a nice shirt sleeve Christmas this year.
Christmas childhood
Toys I remember
walking dogs. you placed them on a tilted table or book and they walked down till they fell off. I remember yellow dog and white sheep. I wonder what Mom had to pay for those, couldn't be much. She got all three of us kids at least one a year for about 4 to 5 years, If I recall right.
Monkey on a ladder. You pressed in the side and the monkey did tricks at the top of the ladder.
walking animal with a string and a weight at the other end so you didn't have to tilt the table.
Pez dispencers, I remember Wonder Woman and Batman
tiny plastic dolls with just a diaper on. I was always making dolly clothes for my naked babies.

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