Friday, December 19, 2008

Hubby's Birthday

Yesterday was my Beloveds Birthday. Yes, one week before Christmas.. I have to say it. I was a bit disappointed in two of our kids. Heather called, while he was in the shower so we talked until he could come to the phone. Beth "texted" him, but didn't call later. I did Text David to remind him it was his Dad's birthday. but never heard from him. Of course, David could be out on the road and may not have gotten the text, for all I know.

We ate dinner at Wendy's. Jerry's favorite food is Hamburger. If I cooked Hamburgers 7 days a week, he would be happy. I made him a German Chocolate Cake for dessert. He ate 1/4 of the whole thing compaired to my two, thin.. slices. We will have more cake tonight after dinner, as well.

Ah. the problems of auctions. We found an auction here in town, It's only just started up a few weeks ago. We went las week and ended up getting a couple of cd players. One is a table top sort with speakers and the other a personal one. Jerry loves his music. I enjoy music compaired to his love of it... The personal player works just fine.. the other one, we need to take back. Now, if Jerry can only remember where he put the ticket from it. Otherwise it will be Feburary before we see that dealer at the auctionhouse.

Most every thing else we have gotten has been up to our expectations. Only other thing that has not worked out is a small roasting pan that I got to cook in. once. When I went to clean it after cooking the coating in it came up as well.

Cooking for two after cooking for 5 and more can be a challenge. I mean. I like to cook but many of my dishes serve a crowd, and Jery is not one to want to eat left overs. My dog does enjoy my cooking as well at times.

I wish I had my camera last night. That dog was eye balling that cake by Jerry's chair all evening long. I finally put it away. He's not allowed Chocolate any thing. He's been good to look and not touch, but we don't leave temptation out, either. Kelly the cat, is a hoot. she all but ingnors me all day long. As soon as Jerry sits in his chair she's claiming his lap. I am not allowed to touch Jerry by either animal. If I put my hand on Jerry's lap Rocky grabs my wrist. If I put my hand on his arm, Kelly insists that I really meant to put it on her head.

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