Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just a few ponderings for the NEW YEAR.

Just a few ponderings for the NEW YEAR.

Why do I wait till after the New Year to take down the tree? because it's always the way we did it. I guess.

Why do I not eat the candy off the tree until after it's taken down? besides the fact I really shouldn't have any candy in the first place? again, because we always did it that way.. and more... Mom hated Christmas trees. I never found out why. But in order for her to get us kids to take it down as quick as possible on New Years Day, we were not allowed to eat any of the candy that was on the tree until it came down. She made sure there was the usual Peppermint canes on it, and Chocolate as well. I use to have the Chocolate on my own tree a few times in the past, but not in the last few years. I havn't found any that I like, that also look good in their foil wrappings.

We don't do the Black eye peas and or Collard greens. We had steak, Mashed Potatoes and a Salad instead. Yesterday, I found the pork I had looked for in the freezer, and fixed it with Rice and another Salad.

I don't know what I'm fixing tonight for dinner yet.. most likely hamburgers since that is what I have in the freezer that will cook up quick, Salad if I have any left, and most likely oven roasted potatoes.

Does my world seem to revolved around food? yes. Par for the course, I guess. Growing up, I was a skinny kid. Even by todays' standards I was skinny and everyone I knew was always asking me to eat more. Mom had the saying that I'm sure all kids my age grew up with, Children in China would love to have what your leaving on your plate. Wish I could have sent it to some kid in China back then. Now, I have a really hard time leaving food on my plate, to be tossed out. Mom's lessons were well taught.

Jerry has of today and tomarrow and we went to the Flea Market in Macon.. I should have taken some Advil had I a known we were going. And, my backpack. We found a few bargains. I found a belt that would fit me, once I get a buckle for it. I stopped the man from punching holes in it, just in time. I explained I wanted to put my own holes in it. That way, I can put them just where I need them.

"The first of January rolls around
Like clockwork it appears
I find it’s timing most profound
As it brings us each new year
Right on time, It’s never late
Has never ever blown it
Apparently this wise old date
Refuses to postpone it
Drink a toast to January one
For annual consistence
It’s coming means the old year’s done
Let’s drink to it’s persistence."

- Stanley Cooper, Happy New Year, 1926

I got Jerry to take me to the thrift store, where I found a great sized table for the two of us. While he was putting it in the car, I went to the book section and found 4 old books. One a song book from Kansas dated in the 1920's. Now, I can't remember if the song author is on the left or right when a song is written out so I'll post it under both names, when two names are presented on a song from the book. Since I don't reconize many of the songs I thought them very fresh to read.

Happy New Year, by Clinto Scollard
French Folk Song

Hark! Hark! Hark, thro` the dark Sounds are stealing, Bells are pealing!
Swing Swing Swing as they ring New Year greetings, unto all!

Hear! Hear! Hear, far and near, Chimes are ring-ing, Bells are flinging
Cheer, Cheer, Cheer thru` the year; Happy New Year unto all!

While we were taking the chairs and table out of the back of the car, the table fell and broke off two of the feet. We had to run to Advance Auto for some J-B Weld to fix it with. At least, we hope it will fix it. Jerry was a long time in the store, and I had someone ask to borrow my phone. I did let him, it was a local (for him ) call, and we talked a little bit, then he left.. and I went it to see what was taking so long. Jerry was ordering a lamp cover for the car and they were trying to find one, someplace.. finally one was found and he paid for it. Came home, fixed the legs back onto the table, letting it sit for the J-B to set and cure, and watched some old tv.. right now, it's North by Northwest.. intresting. We had a time getting the kitten to STOP playing around that table while it's upside down. She was persistent on playing in that area of the house. We finally got her to find a differnt area to play in.

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