Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life in December

Never fails, Come December, things hit the fan. Monday the tranny went out on the jeep. Took Tuesday to find out it's "IN" the tranny, and it costs more than the jeep is worth to fix it. So, late Tuesday we went looking for "something" we can drive. found out we can't buy in Ga without a GA drivers' licence. ???? We did find a car we could pay cash for. If either one of us can't get our licence changed, then we will make a quick trip to Mo's east side and tag in Mo, at least for a little while.

I have mis-placed Jerry's Birth Certificate and can't find it. Need it to change licence.. finally found my with the seal on it, but with eye surgury in my near future, I don't know how long I'll be driving or not driving.

Today's dinner was a roast and a couple of potatoes . I'm afraid both were overdone. It happens. tomarrow I plan on doing some flounder, cause Jerry really likes flounder.

We have our tree up. We got it before all this trouble with the jeep started. Jerry helped put the balls on the tree after I put some ribbon around it for our garland. So far the cat has knocked two of the balls off, and Rocky has knocked one off with his tail. I did up some special but havn't put them on the tree, yet.

Rocky's Pet, Sarah, is under the tree. Yes, we got our pet, a pet. They really do get along well.

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