Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saterday Before Christmas

With just a few days to go before the "Big" day... we are broke. Which seems to be the norm for us, most years. We did manange to go to the auction tonight and I was able to pick up a few one dollare items for gifts for my Grandkids' birthdays that are coming up in a couple of months. A few enamel bowls and a canister set for our flour, sugar and such to put on the counter. Next on my "want" list is a jar I can make sour dough starter in... it can wait a bit. We "should" have done the laundry, but we both enjoy going to auctions too much. Dinner ended up on the cheap at Waffel house. My eggs were not cooked medium done.. so I doubt we will go to that one again.. The one closer to the house does much better, and the gals there don't "flirt" with the single guys working construction as much.

There is talk that Jerry and all, may have to work Jan 1st. There is a shut down starting the first of the year that will last at least a couple of weeks. That means 70+ hours per week. Jerry gets 5 days for Christmas so those couple of weeks pay will make up for a couple of short weeks we are dealing with. I have another eye appointment on Dec 30th. My right eye will be lazered to take care of a presure problem he saw in it.. next well be a different lazer treatment for leaking blood vessels. I don't know, yet, how much that is going to effect my eyes. the first lazering, I don't notice that much unless I'm looking at a blank screen. Every now and then I see the pattern of the lazering he did in the one eye but I don't seem to have a blind spot in it from the lazering.

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