Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, It's Monday. Last night we had spegettie (can't spell worth a durn) and garlic buttered toast. AFter we ate Dinner we went and did our laundry. Two weeks worth. Yikes. 5 full washers worth. I think I left my only apron behind. Jerry thought he heard someone yelling, but he didn't turn back, just looked in the mirror. I'm going to ask him if it got left in the car, or if we can go back for it, tonight or tomarrow. I can make one for me. But I don't know when. I love wearing an apron while doing my house work. Yes, it's like putting on an uniform of my trade and sets me up to want to do my best while I am cleaning up the house. I folded up and put away, the laundry today. That took me almost an hour. Then I made up the bed with the washed sheets. Then I had to run the pets out of the room cause they wanted to play on the bed. I've gotten the rest of the house about back to normal, for us.

I just can't figure out what I want to get Jerry for Christmas. Nothing seems to be "Right".

David Called me, Sunday. He was driving through and thougt we could get together, by the time he called, We figured out, he had just passed our exit. Maybe next time we can get together.

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