Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Morning.

Good Morning. I hope you had a good nights sleep.
Jerry and I had a nice weekend. Saturday, after breakfast we went to Wal-mart to cash his check and the lady in the money center said she didn't have enough to cover it and that the costumer Service didn't have it either.  Jerry was NOT happy. We had to go to the RV center to order a part for the camper. Our propane tank connection was leaking and we need to replace the flex hose on the end that attaches to the tank. They don't have them in stock. It will be this next weekend before they have any. They have to order them and are waiting for more items to be ordered before they place an order... so it will be next weekend before we can pick it up.  (Sigh)  Since we were so close and still had to cash Jerry's check we went into South Boston. He got his check cashed there, no problem.  We took a short drive around town and ended up back where we started. We saw several older homes and we enjoy doing that. While driving around South Boston, we discovered that they were having a festival, but we didn't stop and look around.  We headed back home because the dogs needed out.  After we got back home and the dogs got to potty we took each dog for a short drive around on the golf cart. They all loved that.
The new antenna has been installed, and I can get on line on the "new" modem while I'm at the office but not at the camper. We have 2 bars of strength  but no connection. (sigh) I didn't know if we should have tried that connection when I saw it in the network queue and now know I should have. I am just going to have to go up to the office each day and down load emails up there. I can read from here at the camper those that I need right off, but will wait until I get to the office to download all the emails I have. I'll also try to send off most of my notes at the same time.
 I picked up an electric Skillet so I can cook Jerry's breakfast each morning as well as our dinners. 

Billie C.
Smile, it makes people wonder what you have been up to.

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