Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Howdy.... For Tuesday, July 30

Howdy.... Today is Jerry and my Annversary. Yep, 13154 days since we said "I DO" to each other... and still going strong.
Jerry had to work last Sunday, when I expected to celebrate it.. I was so disappointed but things happen. I wanted to go out to eat, someplace speical.  we are still going to eat out but I don't know where we will go tonight.  We are going to east out as much because it's going to be in the upper 80's as its our Anniversary. When I first suggested it to him last night he didn't look happy, but since he forgot to take a letter with him, to put in the post box at the end of the drive, he's just going to have to take me out, now. This letter needs to be in Alaska Saturday as that is my Older Brother's birthday. I have a bag of trash we will need to take to the trash bin, as well. I plan on wearing my new white and blue skirt and a white top with a butterfly I ironed onto it. I'll take a clean shirt out for Jerry and I think I better bring along a hair brush, as well.  Once I send this off, I'll have to go take my shower so my hair will be dry before he gets home.
I've gotten a lot of small stuff done today.  I straighted out the drawers in the kitchen opposite the sink.  Now I can find things, again. I got the back straighted up  and the dishes (what few there was) done and next (after that shower) is to start on the living room, Getting it ready to pack up.  Because We may be moving the camper this weekend.  Oh sure, there a Encampment I want to go to, that is about 2 hours away from here, but Jerry starts on a different job on Monday and I would like to try to find a place closer than an hours drive away from his job and where we are here, is just over and hour.   I'm ready for a change, anyway.  We changed the water filter less than a month ago and it needs changed again. Our water smell like rotten eggs, again. 
Outside my door ...  Mostly Sunny, warm and a slight breeze. I had to close up the camper as it was getting rather warm in here and I was busy enough to not want to stop in the middle of what I was doing to close it up.  The dogs have been outside three times this morning. Barney and Macon had a grand ol time playing with each other, Rocky was just content to sit in the sun shine.  I fed the cats and they were also sunning theyselfs on the picnic tables in our area. I cleaned up the yard each time we were out.
I am hearing... Y&R just went off. I will go take my shower soon so I'll not have to change the channel for a few minutes.
I am wearing... Right now. Black shorts and a dye splattered top that I made last year while we were in Cumberland City. I have on my rainbow colored tennis shoes, as well.
I am reading...  The Bible, Duet 25, and 1225 Christmas Tree Lane. I'm not ver far into it yet.
I am thinking...  What else I need to do before we move the camper. Where I'm going to put things on the floor while we go down the road and without breaking anything. The worst part is going to be getting it up a small but sharp hill in the campground. It has a rut at the bottom that is going to give everything a good hard jolt before we even get on the road.
I am thankful for...  Jerry having another job to go to. It's just across the state line in North Carolina and is suppose to last at least 8 months.  He's said that this job will end soon. Either it will end this week, or next so it's good to know he's already got one to go to from here.
I am hoping...  That, at the next campground, we can find a nice shady place to park the camper.
I am creating...  Well, I fixed the snap on the dress I made for Baby Heather and it's ready to go, I'll have to pack both boxes and the envelope for Nancy so we can send them out this weekend. Once I finish cleaning, I may trying sewing up a couple of things before the end of this week to add to the boxes.
One of my favorite things... is watching Macon rolling in the grass. He just looks so goofy when he does that and Barney just knows it's an invation to go jump and play with Macon.  Barney was even rolling in the grass today. Rocky will roll every now and then, but he's picky about how it smells first and will sniff and sniff the ground to find just the right place before he will roll.

Billie C.

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