Thursday, July 11, 2013


Howdy, From a rainy afternoon in Virginia. At least with the rain it's cooler and I'll be able to cook dinner at home tonight. I'm going to cook Hot Dogs on the Foreman Grill. I have cooked the noodles for Mac and Cheese so I can just pop that into the microwave and heat up, then add the Cheese to it once it's hot. I'll put together a Salad in a bit, as well.  I do hope that this slightly cooler weather will last a few days so I can cook at home. Even if it's cooking early, then re-heating when Jerry gets home from work. Rocky does not like being outside much right now.  He does what he has to do then runs and sits by the door waiting for me to open it for him no matter what the other two are going. I'm sure he'll get over it once fall gets here and things cool off more. Tupelo didn't show up for her can of food this afternoon. I fed the cats after it stopped raining for a while. I hope she shows up when Jerry gets home so I can give her a can of food then.

Billie C.

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