Monday, July 29, 2013

Howdy July 29

Howdy....  and Good Monday Morning. (it's just 11 am right now as I write this) I hope you had an interesting weekend.  Jerry is still working 6 to 4:30.  He was going in a half hour earlier because he was subbing for his foreman.  Even though it's suppose to be hot today, I'm going to try cooking at home this afternoon.  Jerry gave me a bit of a scare over the weekend. We had stopped at a stoplight and he had dosed off. I woke he by saying the light's green, thinking he has turned his head to look at something but when I turned to him, saw that his eyes were closed.  We stopped at Wendy's, ate our dinner, then went back home. I did want to go to Hobby Lobby but what I want can wait a few more days.  He went to bed almost as soon as we got home. Yesterday (Sunday) he didn't have to work the full 8 hours. He called me at 12:30, to let me know they were leaving early. That's a good thing, We had the laundry done by 3:30 and he got to sit for a little bit before we had to go out again. We ended up eating Dinner a bit early (4:30 is a bit early) at Texas Steakhouse and Saloon.  It was wonderful if a bit pricey.  My steak was perfect. I had the 7 ounce Sirloin and Jerry had the chopped steak ( I knew that was what he would get) I ordered Salad and it was huge. Next time (if there is a next time) I will order the salad dressing on the side. Chris put way too much on my salad for me. I had Sauteed Mushrooms and a baked potato for my sides.  I almost didn't want to go to Wal-mart afterwards, I was so full.  I did the shopping while Jerry went and checked prices for new tires for the truck. (Yikes at a bit over $800 for all 4)  I guess we will be doing them two at a time. And to think we had almost new tires on the van we traded in for the truck.  I didn't go to that side of the store and forgot to ask Jerry to pick up the pet food on his way over there. I had mentioned Saturday night that, if he was going to cash his check in South Boston, that he may want to pick up the pet food and cola's and he forgot. I had to send him back over to get the pet food as I was already in line and I am so slow that if he had waited for me, would have been done and out of the store before I got back and we had a slow cashier as it was. He got back to me before I started putting our things up on the belt.
When the alarm went off this morning, I asked Jerry if he wanted to me to make him breakfast. No, I'll buy it on my way into work. Okay.  once he left though, I couldn't get back to sleep. Knowing he said that there's a good chance that this is his last week on the job (not holding my breath) I got in a "pre pack" mood and cleaned up the closest on Jerry's side of the camper.. Yes we have "sides" his is the door side and mine is the other side. I side on the couch on that side and my bed is on that side as well. (I hate twin beds, by the way) I made the beds before I started cleaning. I got the dogs to get out of my way and tossed a few things. After the closest, I went through all the storage areas in the bathroom and got them cleaned up, tossed out the old stuff that I don't need, and cleaned up a mess a small shampoo bottle made. (Yuck) It will be much easier to pack both, once I know we are moving. So, I had the back all finished before 7 am, this morning. I've gotten the kitchen done, dessert made and ready to take on the living room next. I was getting ready to pack up the dress I had made for baby Heather and one of the snaps I had set, pulled apart and I'll have to fix that this afternoon, while I'm cleaning up and sorting and pre packing a few things. I'll end up fixing that, maybe work on a craft and pack (calling the crafts part, part of packing, as doing that is going to get things out of my way) Oh, I've had the dogs out, cleaned up after them, fed the cats both a can of cat food each and a bowl of dry food for the day.  Whew, no longer I already feel a bit tired.. not counting that I started around 4 am and I'm taking my time doing all of this.
I bought a nice slice of ham that I'm going to cut in 1/2 then grill both in the Foreman grill for dinner along with a Salad. I'm not sure what else I'll serve with it. I do have a can of corn I could heat up in the microwave and we haven't had corn in a long time.
I am hearing... "The View" and then it will be the mid day news, then Y&R, then I'll go through some of our DVR' ed shows and watch what I want of them and delete them. 
I am wearing... Black cut off sweat pant shorts and a very light dye splattered T-shirt that Bailey and I did last Summer.
I am reading...  The Bible, and a couple of recipe books looking for some fresh ideas on what to make for dinner.
I am thinking...  I wish this weather would stay like this for a while longer, It's not too hot yet,  and a nice breeze is coming in through the door. I don't know what is "normal" for this area, but this is still nicer than what we had to deal with, last year.
I am thankful for... Jerry not falling asleep behind the wheel of the truck while he's driving home each night.
I am hoping... That Jerry gets plenty of sleep and gets rested before we have to go to the next job. Even if the next job is just across the state line, we will want to move closer to it as it's more than an hours' drive to get there from here.
I am creating... I need to fix the broken snap on Heather's dress, then hand sew the gap on Nancy's cap so I can send it to her in the mail soon. I need to make a Birthday card this afternoon and get it in the mail for my older Brother, as well.
One of my favorite things... Checking things off my "To Do" list and moving them to my "Done" list.
A few plans for the rest of the week...  I plan on pre packing the storage over my bed tomorrow. I'll have to put everything on my bed and then sort through and decide how I'm going to pack it up when we go down the road. I'll also have to do the stuff on my side of the living room.


Billie C.

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