Thursday, August 1, 2013

Howdy.... And Good afternoon

Howdy.... And Good afternoon.  I hope your day has gone well, so far today.  I'm playing a bit of "catch up" on the cleaning since I was gone for most of the day yesterday. Hubby came home from work, then we headed to the med clinic to have a sore on him checked out. It's not a Brown Recluse bite but it is a bug bite. At least it's getting better, now. From there, we headed over to North Carolina, close to where his new job is, and checked out a campground.. Um, it's not for us. Too many rules and not much shade. No Glass outside. They tell you where you are going to park.  Now sewer drops, you can have a large tank put at your site but from what Hubby said you can only have it pumped out once a week, not as needed. As much water as we use per day with cleaning and all, I don't think even the largest tank I saw there would last us a week.  The cat's may not roam at all. and These three, if they can't go outside, let us know they are not happy by pee-ing on our beds.  It's almost an hours' drive from where we are now, but I think we will not be moving any time soon.
Today's weather has been cloudy but very little rain. Then it clears up for a bit then gets cloudy again.  The high has been in the low 80's today. Very strange to me for the first day of August. The dogs have been behaving well today. Could be because I made them some Liver treats. The Cats were ready for their Breakfast this morning, Well all except Strips. He finally showed up about two hours later, asking for his can of cat food. 
From the kitchen... Dinner tonight is going to be Salad, Hamburgers and Watermelon.  I just finished cutting it up and putting it in a large bowl back in the fridge. I had a few bites and it has good flavor.
I am hearing... I have the TV on, and there is a fan blowing on me so I'm hearing that. Every now and then I hear a creak or pop from the camper and the fridge will run for a few minutes. I can hear the wind sometimes.
I am wearing... Cut off black sweat pant shorts and my butterfly white top.
I am reading... The Bible (Deut 27), and 1225 Christmas Tree Lane, A Cedar Cove book
I am thinking...  How Grateful I am that Jerry allows me to sleep in when he's getting up so early each morning. I did offer to get up and make his breakfast but he said he would buy it on his way into work.
I am thankful for... The doctor telling Jerry that it was not a Brown Recluse bite he had on him.  I just wish we did know what kind of bug it was that bite him and if we have any here.
I am hoping... That we can find a nice campground closer to that job, but thankful that we can stay here if we can't.
I am creating... room over my bed. I cleaned up and sorted up there and now have some space for a few more things. Now to get the living room done.
One of my favorite things... looking out the back window of the camper and seeing a few white Morning Glories flowers.
A few plans for today...Once I send this off, I need to clean off the table again and see what crafts I left on it to be worked on, today.
A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to wash all the kennels out tomorrow and allow them to dry well, and while they are outside sweep and clean the area that I keep them.

Billie C.

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