Friday, July 5, 2013


Howdy....  and Good afternoon.  I hope you had a great day yesterday. Jerry didn't want to go do any shopping but we did have to do laundry. We went to a different laundry matt and it's much nicer that the one we have been going to. It's newer but has older machines. The "Air" works at this one much better than the other one.  When we got back home, we left the laundry out in the truck. Good thing we did.  After watching a couple of old, and I mean really old. re-runs on the T. V. we wanted to get out. I suggested we Geo-cache hunt and Jerry said that sounds like fun and he went out to the truck and looked up a couple on his phone and put them in the GPS.  He found the first one, no problem.  It's on a post that is in the middle of an very open space.   We have now finished the "Nuts" series.  So, the next clue said it's by where the Blair's Community Center use to be. and His phone kept saying we are very close as we were leaving the second find.  Well. We got out on the main road, and Jerry's following the directions on the phone, and we have no idea what we are heading into. we are driving down an over-grown road. He stops the truck and gets out and walks down the road to the clearing we can see. He checks the ground and comes back and said he thinks we can turn around there rather than try to back up the way we had come in... and the truck got stuck. We have had a lot of rain and the ground is just saturated and the grass has not been mowed in the area, and it took us two hours (and I'll not say how many cuss words).  We tried to use two of our blankets we bought in Niota under the wheels to give the truck traction. Finally, after about two hours, we got the truck to get up on solid ground. We left our floor mats and the blankets there. They are all replaceable. As a matter of fact, I have been thinking of finding some thing more colorful to put in the truck anyway.  Jerry said that, as soon as we are out of this mess we are going home, and staying there. Once we got out of there, we went to a car wash to wash off as much of the mud as we could. There is still a little mud because that wash doesn't give much water for every Fifty cents spent on it.  I am thinking of asking Him to find a better car wash this weekend and wash the truck again.
We didn't watch any fireworks this year. By the time any one was setting them off, we were in bed. Some one here in the campground set off a few and Barney didn't like that. It was rainy in the evening, and that delayed any one setting off any at all.  I had thought of sitting outside and waiting to see if any were going to be set off, but with the rain, decided it wasn't worth it. 
I started to watch fireworks on the T. V. but it's just not the same as being outside watching them.
Outside my door ... It's been raining off and on this morning. More on than off. Right now it's mostly cloudy  and humid. At least the clouds are helping to keep the camper cooler. I need to put some sun shields in the windows in the front of the camper for the rest of summer.
The Dogs ... Rocky didn't like it when I took them out this morning. It was a bit drizzly and he does not like getting wet. He went and sat at the door waiting for me to open it for him. I was sitting at the front of the camper, watching the other two play and he would come over to me, and go back and sit at the door again. When Macon and Barney got tired of playing it was time to go back in. Rocky gave me a look before jumping into the camper.
The Cats ...  have been fed and are laying on the picnic tables when it's not raining. They are a bit spoiled and want their food, NOW!. 
From the kitchen...  the other day, I started a crock pot with potatoes, green beans and Pork chops in it. But Jerry got out of work early (on the 3rd) and we ended up going out to eat, instead.  I put the crock pot on low before leaving the house and put it in the fridge before we went to bed so everything is cooked and just needs to be warmed up. I'm going to put the liner back in the base around 3 PM (giving it about 3 hours to warm up) and I'll make a salad and we will have some melon for dessert.
I am hearing... Of course I have the T. V. on. but I'm thinking of finding my Christmas CD's and playing one once Y&R goes off.
I am wearing... Old cut of blue sweat pants and a striped, no sleeve top. 
I am reading... Christmas Stories this month. I down loaded several a few days ago, and wanted to read some of them this month by reading each evening
I am hoping... That, when this job is finished it's not so hot. It's hard to move the camper with we are sweating a lot just from packing it up, then having to deal with the animals and then, when we get where we are going, we will end up drenched again before we can shower off.  I am trying to figure out a way to pack yet have room to still get from one end to the other.
A few plans for today... I've got the back half cleaned up and am working on the front half of the camper.  I need to clean the counter by the fridge next. I have the dishes done and most of the floor swept in the kitchen but it will need it again. 

Billie C.

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