Thursday, July 18, 2013

Howdy.... July 17

Beth called me yesterday and asked if I could possibly make her daughter a nice, light summer dress, to go to a wedding in, next month. I can make the dress easy enough, I picked up some material with butterflies on it, I can make it this week, even with the heat because we will be eating out each night here each day ) so I won't have as much housework to have to deal with. It's getting it to the post office that is going to be a challenge. I went looking for my patterns I picked up late winter and found all sorts of material I have picked up to make her a couple of outfits so I'll make them as well and give her many choices and a few things to wear for a while. While I was looking for that material, I found some things I should have sent out before the 4 th. I'll send them as soon as I can.  I know Beth said that she's having trouble finding some nice clothes to fit her right now as she's almost 2 years old and her local stores carry 24 month but not 2 T and that there is a difference in how they fit.
Outside my door ... It is HOT outside. I may end up spending the afternoon in the middle of the camper where the air conditioner is, to stay cool. I have plenty of things to work on, and I'm almost done with the daily housework.
The Dogs ... are not liking this heat none at all, they have learned to get out there, get "It" done, then sit at the door and wait for me to open it again so they can jump back inside.
The Cats ... are doing well, Sometimes they come inside but they seem to much prefer finding shady places to sleep during the day.
From the kitchen... The kitchen is closed for dinners until the temps drop back down in the mid 80's. I'm still making Jerry's breakfast, don't get me wrong, but I an not doing any other cooking. I can eat sandwiches or fruit from the fridge and we got out for dinner. Last night, I worn my new outfit. I plan on wearing it again tonight since we are going to a different place. I only wore it a couple of hours and I didn't drop anything on my top this time. (a first for me in a long time, I end up dropping something on every new top I wear, I think)
I am wearing...  Today I'm wearing a top with spaghetti straps (no bra under it) and cut off shots. I'm keeping cool until Jerry calls then I'll change back into the skirt and top I bought this past week. Jerry has a clean new(ish) T-shirt he can change into out in the truck.
I am creating... A nice Dress for my youngest grand daughter.

Billie C.

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