Monday, October 18, 2010

My Weekend, a few pictures,

Sorry about the blurriness of this picture. I wanted to get the bee in it.. I'll try again with another picture later.

This is the hill behind our camper. I took this last week but it's not really as orange as this looks. I took this as the sun was setting and that really brings out the colors in the brush as well as the trees.

We were driving around yesterday (Sunday) and I remembered I had my camera with me.. A bit late in the trip. I decided to take a few "shots" out the window while we were going down the road.. that's why it's a little blurry.. I think this one would make a decent desktop background. I have a few others that will also be used as backgrounds on my desktop as well. Now some of the things I wrote over the weekend....

10 15 2010, Morning

Good Morning !!

It's another wonderful day, here in Alabama. Nice and cool this morning
with a high expected in the mid to upper 70's. Lot of sunshine as well. I
do have to get to the laundry soon. Maybe today, but by tomorrow for sure.
The dogs are really playful today. Part of it because Jerry is home. and
they want him to take them for a long walk. I had them out twice already,
one a walk across the drive to the hill. but they didn't really want that,
they wanted to sniff and dig and I won't let them do that. The lady behind
us has a female dog and she's walked over there all the time and so I'm
thinking my dogs are smelling where she's been. I need to take my camera out
next time I go out and get some more pictures. We are still mostly green
here, but more color is showing up. Just the edges of the leaves mostly. There
are some weed/wild flower on the hill that I want to take more pictures
off. This time without taking the dogs with me. Last time, I ended up in
another fire ants hill. only got three bites this time. We did have to run a
heater overnight to keep the camper warm but it was on low.

Today we will not be doing much at all. Jerry is still job hunting, but
it's almost impossible to find a job on Friday. We can hope for a call

10/15/2001 Evening

Well, good intentions. I did walk most of what I had planned on. I was headed to the stop sign when a woman in a camper asked me a question.. of course I had to stop and talk. And was still there over an hour later. She's looking for work. Her hubby is on disability. They could not longer afford their rent on a house, so now they are in a camper. When you consider that our spot costs us, $333 a month compaired to rent around here running around $800 a month it's a lot of savings. and that includes power, water, some cable channels and trash pick up. Her little dog had gotten out, and she was hoping it would come back home. It did.. then got out again while she was taking the trash to the dumpster. At least it came when she called it. I didn't take either dog with me, this evening. I didn't want to be pulled or have to pull on either one just to get to the stop sign.. which is good cause now I have new friends. Tommy Jo is looking for work, think I said that already. She said she's never had this much trouble finding a job before. I told her last time we had this much trouble was back on 9 11. 00, When the towers came down.. And that took 18 months. I sure am hoping that it doesn't take that long this time for Jerry to find heavy construction work again. Commercial is ok, it pays the bills but he much happier with heavy construction. I didn't really think we would get a call today, but I had hoped so. Maybe Monday or Tuesday he'll get a call. Those are usually the days when calls are done with most of the construction companies.

We hope to hear by mid week, next week on the unemployment from Georgia. It's going to be squeeking, here until we know for sure.

While I was walking, one of the men from the other end, stopped and asked if I'd mail a letter off for him tomorrow. Sure, no problem, I got to go out anyway.. he not only needs the letter sent, but a stamp and an enevelope as well. That's fine. no problem.. the way I figure it.. If I do this favor, sometime in the future, someone will do the same kindness to one of our kids. He did say he'd pay me for it, but it's so little it's not worth the worry over it. like I said, I got to go out anyway. And I'm not worrying about the price of a stamp I have already got.

I'll try to walk again tomorrow evening. Mornings are so hard for me to find the right time to walk. 5 is too early even if I'm up then.. too many people are driving out of here and they are not too awake yet. by 6 I'm up but needing a shower.. by 7, I'm dry, but it's time for meds and breakfast..8 is time to take the dogs out, I'm not up to walking them very far right now. They have yet to learn not to pull. by the time they are done, I'm ready to get my house cleaning done and after that, it's too warm, or at least it was too warm, to go walking. by next week it may be better. I do want to be home between 11 and 12 cause that's when my favorite soap is on. I "can" miss it, but I hate to. So far, I've found that the best time is between 6 and 7 pm, to go walking.


10 17 2001


Good Afternoon. We are on the warm side today, right now it's around 84 outside. I have the windows and vents and the door wide open. We have a slight breeze and that's helping to at least stir the air a bit.

I got to sleep in until 9 am this morning. I have no idea how that happened. I know I didn't sleep well or very much, but I tribute that to changing the bed around to as much as anything. The beds are back in order again and I'll have to note how well I sleep tonight. Right now, I sleep with my head South and my feet North. last night my head was East and feet West. I did try switching but that didn't seem to help any.

Jerry found the Megellon (GPS) and wanted to go find GeoCaches. That's great, only he has lots of trouble figuring the (Bleeping) thing out.. Then hands it to me,, and wants me to figure it out. This thing shows you wher you are in compairison to where the Geocache is, but it don't show you the roads to get there.. I wanted a Garmin or TomTom when we got this and I still wish we had waited until the store had the Garmin instead of setteling for what we got. We did go down a couple of roads we hadn't been down before, and it'a a very nice day to be out driving around a bit.. it was just so frustrating trying to go find this place and we would get close but the road would end before we got to it. I had my camera with us, and took a few pictures on our way back. I wish I had taken it out of my purse sooner but I had that (bleep) garmin in one hand and my cell phone in the other. Beth had texted me, and I texted her back. she texted again and I waited for her to elaborate on what she texted me. and she never did. She just wants to whine and complain about her life in general, again. Every tiime she starts in on that now, I start telling her how things are going for us, as well.. it's just a tough on us as it is on her. She better get use to it, I think. I keep trying to tell her much of her problems are her own doing but she wants to blame it on someone else when she can. Once she finally starts taking responsibility for issues she can control her life will get much better, I think. Really, there is only so much you can blame on an ex boyfriend, a job, lack of a job, and people in general.

I just went through our 30 channels and there is nothing of intrest to watch. I think, even if we had our own dish service we would be hard pressed to find something we both would like to watch on the tv right now. I was hoping he'd be able to fix my laptop so that I could just take it to the middle of the camper, when he wants to watch something I'm totally not intrested in. He knows I'm not intrested in "car" shows, not how to fix them, race them or show them, but if there isn't one of the CSI's on, or Law and Order. that's his next choice in watching. during the week, once Y&R goes off. I may as well go take a nap cause he'll find a car show to watch, when he's home.

Anyways... I am enjoying today.. Loved the riding around. and like I said, I took a few pictures from the van while it was moving so some are blurry..

Those make great pictures for the desktop background sometimes.

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