Friday, October 22, 2010


Wow.. not only do we have internet service again... JERRY FOUND A JOB !!!!

Oh yeah.. Ye Haw !!!
Just after I wrote, and right after I got off Jerry's laptop (battery ran out) My laundry was done..

As we got into the van his phone went off.. The internet card is in, come get it... oh yeah. That was the good news.. So instead of heading home. We head over to the Sprint store....

Just as we are getting into the hyway... His phone rang, again.. Not reconizing the number, I answered it. It's for Jerry. "Just a second" He's got to pull to the side of the road. WE do not talk on the phone and drive at the same time. It's a JOB !!! Jerry gets the information he needs and we get back on the road to go get our internet connection. Home, and download and print off all the paperwork. Of course it will be Monday before we can fax it back.. but that's ok. First thing Monday Morning, we will be faxing back all the information he needs. The Job starts Wed. We "should" get a refund on some of our days here in the rv park. We made a stop on the way home to pick up a plug that goes between the van and the camper, He's working on that right now. Still need to pick up a brake booster but we know a reasonalbe place to get that at, as well. It's going to be tight for the next couple of weeks. But he's going to be working, again !!!

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Caroline said...

This is wonderful news, Billie and jerry!!! God is good, eh! You have done really well and may God bless Jerry in his new job, and bless both of you!

Love caroline