Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Morning, Tupelo MS

Hello. Good Morning ...
We are now in Tupelo Mississippi. Yea. Jerry did his orentation for the job yesterday. He even had to go through mine orentation as well. He said it's for confined spaces.. He'll be running conduit on this job. He likes running conduit. We had to move the camper from the overnight site to one that is for more permanent stays..
We got the camper moved to a different site with no problems.. At least I had no problems since I stayed and chatted with Linda at the office while one of the men who works here, helped Jerry get it backed into place.. by the time I got back he was gone and Jerry had most of the jacks down already. I helped straighten out the water hose. It has a few kinks in it and I wanted to get them out so we would have better water flow. Sometime today, I need to wrap it into a tighter coil and place it more under our camper. I'm not sure how we are going to keep it from freezing when the weather turns bad around here.
Ugh.. We were up befor 4 30. Jerry has to be at the job by 6 and I wanted to cook in the electric skillet and yesterday it gave me trouble so I wanted enough time to be sure to cook his potatoe well.. and if it didn't want to warm up, I would have just used my cast iron skillets.. the only reason I went with the electric skillet is I used it Yesterday (Wed) and just didn't want to mess with the propane just yet.
Today I'll be making a crockpot of pinto beans for dinner.. I'm leaning toward biscuits rather than corn bread to go with them.
Also today, I'll be putting everything back where I want it and cleaning up the camper. I have stuff that belongs in the kitchen in the back n the closet and stuff in the shower that belongs in the living room. A box of Dvd's that go back on the shelf and a reminder to myself that the drawers really have to be empty before we go down the road again.

this picture is one I took in Tuscaloosa not long before we left.

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