Monday, October 4, 2010

A bit of this, a dab of that.

Oct 3, 2010
That's what today's been like so far. A bit of cleaning. A dab of crafting.
Jerry made breakfast this morning. Fried Potatoes and a ham and egg omlette. Delish.
Jerry took the air conditinor out of the bedroom window. Then, after putting the handles back together, also sprayed the latched so I can lock the window in place. While we were at it, did the back window slides, hinges and handles as well. We will take it to storege soon.
Sat outside with the dogs for a while. Nice out.
Mary Called.
Read Josh's blog as well as a few others. I thought he knew Tommy was dead. I figured his Mom would have told him since it was her, who told me a couple of years ago.
I took the last small aloe out of the pot. shook the soil into a dish pan and set it the sun to try out. I'll be picking what roots and junk I can find out of it in a bit. I wanted the soil dry. I'll be putting it back into the pot so I washed it out while I was at it. That got me to thinking the dog kennels needed washed to I took them apart and put them outside, sprayed water into them. dribbled in a bit of cleaner then let them soak a bit, in the sun. Found a small terracotta pot I knew I had. spray painted it silver, 2 coats, letting it dry between each coat. then just a spritz of gold to break up the brightness of all that silver. Once It's good and dry, I'll hydrate the soil plug that came with the pot and then repot the aloe into that smaller pot. I'll use the larger pot for my Africian violet that I have. It's outgrown it's small pot.

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